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17-03-2007, 21:54
I can't find this discussed anywhere - so I thought I'd open the discussion.

Who is going to be affected here?

My natal Saturn at Pisces 29 56' conjuncts this eclipse in my 11th House. Doesn't sound like I'll have a load of fun on Monday - but it could mean some deep healing and taking responsibility for my participation (or not) in groups, for my relationships, ideals, commitment to my goals and principles. The eclipse also conjuncts my natal Chiron at Pisces 2452', also in the 11th House - this sounds like an old wound around groups and group participation will be activated - with the chance that it will be healed. In fact, this has already started, as I had a big crisis - and breakthrough - last night around that topic, which prompted my having a look at my natal chart in relation to this coming eclipse.

I have a question for the astro-heads here: in what way does an aspect of an eclipse to a planet in the progressed chart (and the house in which it falls) differ from an aspect to a planet in the natal chart? I want to give two examples of the eclipse conjuncting personal planets in the progressed chart:

I have a dear friend whose progressed Sun conjuncts, within a degree, this eclipse, in the 8th house. This sounds spooky and transformative to me. It also sounds like his sex life will be radically affected. Will he still be the same person in 6th month's time?

In my case, my progressed Mercury and Chiron both conjunct this eclipse in the 10th House, suggesting some kind of shake-up of self-expression and again, wounding and healing, in the area of social standing, reputation, ambition and career.

Eclipses bring darkness - I'm hoping for some enlightenment here :D

18-03-2007, 09:52
Hi, I sent you a PM. Hope it is helpful. Dave

19-03-2007, 13:27
Eclipses are of interest. While this thread started with a question, plus a request for a private answer, there is no reason to not discuss the eclipse in general. This eclipse has several interesting factors if we just consider the planets in the sky without relating it to anyone's chart. When we relate it to a chart it becomes even more interesting.

The Sun/Moon partial eclipse occurs at 28 Pisces. An eclipse is a conjunction of three astrological factors; Sun, Moon and Nodal axis. In this partial eclipse, the node is at 16 Pisces -- hence the "partial" nature of the eclipse. A full eclipse requires that the horizontal and vertical alignment of these three factors be a lot closer than 12 degrees.

How do we normally interpret an eclipse? Our will, intent, vitality (Sun) blends with our feelings, emotional power and primary needs (Moon) such that we feel a surge of life force, excitement and intent to rethink our place in the universe. Further, this self-presence involves others (node) that we associate with and the things we do together, the values we share as well as those that we hold as personal and individual. Eclipses stir all of this up within us when the eclipse becomes personal -- when it triggers important places in our chart.

In this eclipse, the node is not so close. It may actually result in this eclipse being more self-centered and individualistic in the way that it works due to the nodal axis being so removed from the eclipse position. How do each of you see this impacting you? This is the question for the next day or so. Later we can examine some of the other sky-patterns that are currently active. Dave

20-03-2007, 12:37
Last September I got a new neighbor living in the condo above me. The guy who owns the unit got married and moved to a larger house, so this new person is a renter. Shortly after she moved in I started noticing water coming into my bathrooms from the ceiling. After a few weeks a hole appeared in one of my bathroom cielings. I noticed that every time she took a shower I had running water coming in from this hole. I called the owner of the unit and had him come out to look at the plumbing. (by the way I also had several other complaints to lodge about her - noisy parties after midnight, parking in my spot, etc.) So the owner came over to look at the plumbing and he could not make her bathtub leak. He even checked for leaks in the floor. I waited a few days and had him come back out to check it again. I think he had the impression this was an imaginary problem. I also asked the HOA if I had any recourse for such a problem. The HOA sent out a plumber who could not identify where the leak was coming from. So for months now every time this girl takes a shower I end up with her dirty water and drywall in my bathtub. I have closed off the bathroom because the mold is obviously starting to grow in the walls and it smells bad.

So today when I was doing my laundry in the common area I noticed a brand new hole in the ceiling near the laundry about 15 feet away from my hole in the ceiling. The walls are wet and the same smell in my bathroom is in the common area too. I looked into the hole and saw that the pipe directly above my hole in the ceiling is the same pipe directly above the hole in the common area. Despite the fact that I have no further recourse (I can guarantee that suing someone would not resolve this), I'll bet the HOA will find the leak now.

Points of interest in my chart:

Chiron 28 Pisces
Neptune 27 Scorpio
Pluto 25 Virgo

21-03-2007, 14:24
Or I could always just MOVE!

21-03-2007, 17:24
If you go along with the idea that a solar eclipse is about bringing to light what is hidden, and then breaking away from it - then you shouldn't have any problems six months from now.

Interesting configuration, btw. Chiron and Pluto opposing each other - you find healing and understanding through things going down the shithole first? But I wouldn't give up on the HOA!

22-03-2007, 09:17
Yes, kinda funny how it all works out. Bad first. I'm still not sure how I learn from that but it does happen that way.

I do have to wait a while to see how it all works out, because I would lose my shirt if I sold this place how it is right now. Not really a good option. I'm just mad about it. It turns out that the pipe in the common area actually burst. I'm not a plumber, but I find it highly unusual that a drainage pipe burst. The HOA is sending a plumber to look at my leak again. And I haven't seen or heard my neighbor for 3 days.

04-04-2007, 03:50
Hi. Concerning eclipses, haven't we been in a period of eclipses taking place in the late degrees of Virgo-Pisces for the past 6 months or so? Here are points of interest in my chart:

MC - 25'23" Virgo
Moon - 28'05" Virgo
PlutoR - 29'49" Virgo

The past 6 months or so have been full of changes for me, in a good, supported way so that things have been easy to transistion into or out of, whichever is appropriate. And because it was easy and good opportunities were basically presented for me to take, so I did make some major changes.
Are the changes that eclipses precipitate in our lives of a long term effect or more short term, especially from the view point of one with natal planets and points in the area? Since this is affecting my 10th and 4th houses, I am curious if the changes will be beneficial. As this has been going on my career(10) and home(4) have changed. I want to succeed at the opportunities that have been presented to me, will nature continue to support me with these recent changes? Can eclipses point the way out of darkness?

Any suggestions? http://www.tarotforum.net/images/icons/icon5.gif

04-04-2007, 04:29
Since all eclipses occur near the Moon's nodal axis, and that axis retrogrades slowly through each sign (18 years to move through all 12 signs), it is not surprising that we have several events within a six month period near the same place in the zodiac. Of course those same eclipses occur in specific time periods (months) during the year -- so, we can look forward to some lunar eclipses in the summer months for awhile when we are all comfortable outside in the warm weather. Sorry about that Australia and South Africa. Dave

26-04-2007, 13:02
I finally had something good happen to me. I've only been waiting for four years now... I have been offered a good job. This job opens a few doors for me. If I plan it right (and eventually solve the leaking pipe thing) I may be able to move in a year or two.

The neighbor came back of course. I had to call the police on her a few weeks ago and she has been much calmer since then. Still no answer on the leak though. I am expecting the leak will get much worse before it can be fixed.