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19-03-2007, 14:04
I'm new to crystals and things, so I really don't know a lot about it. Help is appreciated. C:

Situation is this: I really don't have a lot of dreams and I want to have more.

Is there any sort of crystals or stones I could use to inhance my dream reception?

Where can I buy said crystals or stones?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!


19-03-2007, 23:56
The information is sometimes buried but there is a lot there.



(the one above is a thread about decreasing dreams but actually also says how dreams get increased)


A place to start, anyway.


20-03-2007, 00:50
There's a lot of good info in the threads posted by Marion. If you were to try one to begin with, try amethyst, it works for me :) It's pretty easy to find in any shop selling crystals or on-line. People have suggested putting in under your pillow, next to your bed etc., I wear mine around my neck. See what works best for you.

20-03-2007, 02:56
While not specific to crystals, this is another simple dream work tool which may be helpful in increasing your dreaming and clarity.

You can modify the technique below from a focus on problem solving to a focus on exploration. Ask questions like, "Dreams, what can you show me?", and see if that encourages more dreaming!

"Ask your dreams for help"

Souce: Ancient Healing Secrets: Practical Cures that Work Today by Dr. Dian Dincin Buchman © 1996.

“Ancient Greek priest-physicians practiced their art in huge temples called Asclepieia. Patients were encouraged to sleep in these vast sanatoriums, and their dreams were interpreted to create cures.

DIRECTIONS: Today you can duplicate this technique for even minor anxiety problems. Before sleep, prepare your bedroom so that there is some fresh air coming in. Place a pad and pencil by your bedside. Take a long, warm, relaxing bath. Get into bed. Take the pad in your hand and start thinking, “What is my major problem?” Concisely summarize one problem.

Then, in three sentences or less, address your soon-to-be-sleeping-mind and write: “Dreams, how can I…?” You might write, for example, “Dreams, how can I get to work on time?” or “Dreams, how can I get my boss to like me more?” or “Dreams, how can I get Johnny to do better in school?” or “Dreams, how can I eat less?” Address only one problem per night! After writing down the question, go to sleep. The dreaming mind, once instructed, acts like a new-age computer, analyzing and solving problems. In three days or less, you’ll have one or several answers just pop into your brain, and you’ll have one less problem to cause anxiety.”

20-03-2007, 08:21
Thanks, you guys!



23-03-2007, 08:37
My fav source on the web is


But these sites are excellent as well


I have purchased stones from all three and have been very satisfied.

I think the best stone for dreams is labrodorite or amethyst. But you might want to consider plain quartz which is a great all around stone. If you opt to get a quartz cluster (and I think everyone should have one) try