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21-02-2002, 03:18
Someone on one of my lists mentioned something about another retrograde next month, was it Pluto? I forget, and since I know NOTHING of astrology I was wondering what it means, I know Mercury Retrogrades are a pain when it comes to my computer, what does this planet effect?

21-02-2002, 03:54
Well, Pluto reigns Surgery and Reconstruction. Don't undergo any repitching or aestethic operation of any sort! You might have negative surprises! :D

Pluto is associated to genitalia and reproduction (SEX! :p )but its influence extends to the inconscious, the emotions and the feelings buried deep beneath and unspoken; it help overcome obstacles and challenges and makes subtle-minded, critic, quenstioning, reserved and also a bit CRUEL sort of WICKED!!! }>

As far as I've gone in my learning (AG, I'm trying to answer, so don't feel over-responsibility, ok? ;) ) I still haven't met the nature and the meanings of retrogrades from "far" Planet (i.e. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). However, considering, on a general basis, that they were discovered recently and that their retrogrades happen SO often - I think all the three of them were retrograde for most of 2001 - no specififc meaning is associated to this occurrance.

However, I promise, I'll try to look for something more...

21-02-2002, 07:42
Pollux, I'm grateful that you answered and am impressed with your astrological knowledge 8)

Correction: Pluto goes retrograde on March 20th and stays retro for appx. five months each year.