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21-03-2007, 08:26
Hello! This is my first post on this section of the Forum!

I'm a casual student in Astrology, and one of my reference is Bob Marks' site. (http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/) Please understand that I am fairly curious in nature and casual in a weird broad sense when I chose to learn a subject.

[If you care to read how I came up with this question, here's why. Long bla bla on]
I recently fell on two pages that fascinated me: the pages on Duplicated signs and Intercepted signs (http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/duplicated_signs.htm and http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/Intercepted_signs.htm). Let me say straight away that I have my 11th and 12th houses starting in Sag. and my 6th and 7th houses starting in Gemini, and that for me Astrology (like Tarot and other tools) are tools for me to gain a better understanding of myself and improve myself.

Then I wondered how far out was I going when I understood that, in a very general way, my 7th and 8th houses were extremely tied together (as in, my partners and my sense of responsibilities, for example), but so were my 4th and 5th (my childhood and my way of living romances, taking risks, etc), and so were my 8th and 9th (sex, death and religion, higher learning/knowledge, philosophy).
[/end Bla bla and on to the question (in question?)]

Am I absolutely insane and am I the only one that has just noticed that the wheel, in a way, is a story in itself? (I feel I am, and that everyone thought about this already if not straight away):

If you look at the wheel in Astrology, it's like the Major Arcana in Tarot, there is this sort of stereotypical/basic/undeniably true story to it.

1st House / Aries: First you start with how you express yourself. It's you, who you feel you are, and in some sort of way, who you'd feel you'd deny if you acted in a contrary way. It's what brings you pride, what makes you feel confident, what makes you want to go out there, on the spur of the moment, without a second of hesitation. It's that little flame in your heart, when you've had nothing but dark for ages, that makes you want to spring up and run out and do what you never thought you deserved but yet you knew you did. (I know that sounds incredibly contradicting, but nevertheless, stick with me here! Please?) It's what you want to give. But in this sort of way, what makes you feel incredibly selfish. In a way, it makes you feel... like it's all about you... and darn... What makes you care for that person, that "other", is not properly "projected" - acknowledged, noticed. The 1rst house (Aries) is how you deal with/learn from/for your 7th house (Libra), and vice versa.

And that this applies to all houses, signs.

[chuckles as the silence builds and no one speaks, but everyone stares at her with a strange mixture of "darn that girl is weird" and "oh my... she's insane" on their faces]

21-03-2007, 09:45
The wheel goes around and around. Your perception of a "progression of sorts" being included in the circle of signs was probably first noticed last month when the guy that invented the zodiac wrote it down. Actually, the zodiac is tied into ancient myths that go back at least three to four thousand years. This progressive story line has been written about since man has learned to write.

You could see something like the fools journey, but that would be stretching it. The zodiacal "story" is just a progression of sign qualities. Unless you tie in the many cultural myths, it just describes expressional influences of the signs. There isn't any "growth" of awareness or challenges to the hero or life's lessons to assimilate in order to complete the cycle.

As for "signs" -- do note that there is more than one zodiac and that there are differences of opinion as to which ones or one is valid. For the record, I don't use them at all as I can't comprehend how a division of empty space changes its meaning at the exact point of cuspal measurement. Dave

21-03-2007, 18:20
Hi iseekserendipity,
this too is my first foot forward into the astrology forum and my interest in astrology is more casual in nature then the tarot.

The wheel to me is similiar to tarot in that it tells a story about who we are and how we behave in all the differing areas of our lifes, but it feels much different to me then tarot; the symbolism is even more archaic then Tarot, going back to Mesopotania and Ancient Egyptian times.

Its interesting that some people like me, combine the wheel (astrology) with the tarot and this can be quite revealing!

Like I said, I still have tons to learn about astrology, but was interested in your comment about the 1st and 7th houses -

QUOTE: The 1rst house (Aries) is how you deal with/learn from/for your 7th house (Libra), and vice versa.

Are you saying here for instance that our 2nd and thus 8th houses both give information on how to deal with the other and grow/learn from the other?
Thats fascinating to me as my sun is in the 12th and moon in the 6th and have always felt a pull between the two - opposing forces.

Thanks for adding those links. I look forward to checking them out!


22-03-2007, 01:25
Dave: I was sure that it had been noted, it's just that I've never read any of the references I have found so far explain it like that (or in a similar way).
And I must admit the Fool's Journey analogy is stretching it, but I love stretching a subject or an idea quite far to see what I can learn from it...

Are you saying here for instance that our 2nd and thus 8th houses both give information on how to deal with the other and grow/learn from the other?
Actually, that's exactly what I mean. Now, I am far (quite quite far!) from being knowledgeable in Astrology as far as I am concerned, I just like to use it to analyze my own chart and maybe learn how to deal with certain traits or issues and improve.
Now, to me, I certainly see in myself how each house is both an answer/aid/helper and an opponent/challenge to its opposite house. I find that how we express ourselves, how we chose to show ourselves to the world, and how we often think we are (1st house) is important in terms of how we choose our partners, our "equals", our marriage partner, and how we deal with our open enemies (7th house). To me a lack of balance in one, or not being at peace with one, inevitably affects the other. Or, to put it differently, to optimally live your partnerships, you have to have a healthy and strong sense of self. These two seem obvious to me, but I find that I can apply that logic to the other houses.
Once again though, these are my thoughts. It works for me and the kind of chart readings I do, but I just wondered if anyone else thought the same way.

22-03-2007, 02:39
POLARITY -- this is what you are referring to when you note how one house or sign affects the opposite sign or house. Polarity is another word that is sometimes used for "opposition." Opposition points in a cycle are very important to understand. So, every house is linked to its opposite house, and to some degree this is true of sign meanings. Dave

23-03-2007, 04:19
See, that happens to me often! Because I have always been self taught, reading books and what nots, I know I sometimes come to "conclusions" that I haven't seen written or said in as clear a way as I understand them, yet that are obviously known, made clear, etc.!
As a side note, I found your thread on Neptune fascinating... I have to look over my own Neptune, as it is in the 12th House/Sagittarius (self delusional philosopher... I think that rather *shudders* fits me! lol At least I "try" not to take my own philosophizing seriously!)