View Full Version : Where to buy online?

25-03-2007, 03:59
What are your favorite places to buy crystals and stones online?

I've bought most of mine at local shops in all the places we have lived.

25-03-2007, 04:08
For me, it's usually holisticshop.co.uk or shamanscrystal.co.uk. I'm still looking for other sources. There aren't a great many shops that sell them in Newcastle. My favourite 2 shops closed down a couple of months ago. You'd think a city like Newcastle would have a wider selection, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

25-03-2007, 04:52
I second holisticshop.co.uk
I've ordered alot from them when I can't make it to the shops. If not it's the Crystal Cave for me in Hunstanton,Norfolk (I spoke to the woman in the shop today and she's trying to get her Husband to finish the website which will also be selling goods.)
Or another place is littlegemsrockshop.co.uk they are good for online sales, have a shop in Cromer and do Wholesale lots. These are all my favs :D

25-03-2007, 06:35
Bestcrystals.com has some lovely items...

25-03-2007, 09:12
Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

25-03-2007, 22:51
When I buy crystals I'm bothered about the ethics of where they are from and how they are mined and for this reason my favourite crystal shop is: