View Full Version : May 22 (Taurus/Gemin) and July 22 (Cancer/Leo)...is it compatible?

29-03-2007, 14:04
I've met this guy...and I really, really like him. I was wondering if anyone has any insight into our astrological compatibility...

I am a Gemini, May 22, on the cusp of Taurus and he is a Cancer, July 22, on the cusp of Leo....he is two years older than me....

He seems smart, stable, and very well rounded...he is educated and seems to have good common sense...but I have two small children, and he has none...he says he is willing, but will he be able to take all that on if he wants to be with me? What I mean is...as a cancer/leo, does he have the personality traits to really handle it?


30-03-2007, 00:37
Why do you think these two Sun positions, which are just one factor out of some 3000 factors, will provide a useful answer? Popular sun-sign astrology is popular but so limiting and misleading in many cases. You need to run a chart for each person and then compare the aspects between all of the planets and look at house relationships. Or have an astrologer do this for you. Anything we could say here would just be so inadequate as a basis for making a personal decision that could be important to you. Dave

30-03-2007, 08:01
I was just hoping for some basic info about the compatibility....:)

30-03-2007, 10:24
There is a lot to the simple subject of compatibility. Sun signs really don't have a worthwhile thing to do with it.

1) You need to consider your Sun-Moon relationship. What type of person are you in terms of how you balance your will, intellect, ego, preferences (Sun) with your habits, primary needs, feelings, habits and sensitivity (Moon) You need to also consider your significant other in this same manner.

2) The relationships, aspectually and house-wise, between your Sun and his Sun, your Sun and his Moon, your Moon and his Sun, and your Moon and his Moon need to be evaluated. This will tell you where to expect clashes or support or challenges or indifference between the Sun and Moon meanings given above.

3) Part who you are and who the partner is can be indicated by several factors. One of these is the MC-IC axis and the planets located in the 4th and 10th houses, plus any aspects to them. This represents the family structure when one is young and growing up. How this axis works in the chart points to harsh or supportive structures, competition with siblings. the nature of parents as you saw them (not as they actually were). This has to be considered for both of you because how you grew up will shape the way you live and raise a family as adults. You may either rebel or imitate these conditions and your partner may or may not.

4) Related to step 3 is the Saturn-Moon relationship in your chart, his chart and between the charts. The format in which your needs were met or not met shapes your identity and character to a significant extent. How well do you fit with your family in terms of how you fit into their roles and culture. Is this something you rebel against? How hard is it to shape your own identity. These two astrological bodies, their aspects and houses can tell a lot about this. Again, both partners have to look at this, look at each other, and then see if they can support each other in throwing off the old while shaping the new.

5) Mars and Venus is another basic factor as this relates to ones sense of poise and comfort with the opposite sex, with setting their own expectations and working with the expectations of others. There are different forms of interpersonal expression and physical contact. How will this couple work out those expressions? How will this fit with their Sun-Moon patterns?

I'll leave you to think just about these basics. There are a lot of other basic factors that are equally important. One has to look at chart patterns as an overall shape and distribution, where the bulk of planets are located, all of the other combinations, the nature of the aspects (are they more trine and sextile oriented or more conjunction-square-opposition oriented?). What are chart progressions like? This is just to give you a sense of what an astrologer would look at to answer the question of compatibility. It might take you a couple of years of study and practice to answer these questions so that you could answer your primary question. That is why I suggested that you contact an astrologer. With some level of knowlege and capability, your question could be answered quickly once some charts were run.

Oh, and one other thing. We all live in a world with many other people. How does that crowd of "others" influence you and your partner? We aren't islands. I ask this as a practicing (for 35+ years astrologer) just to highlight a simple fact -- the chart doesn't always tell the whole story. Sometime simple observation and experience works quite well. Dave