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27-09-2002, 18:19
I was wondering? How do most of you choose your stones? Do you only use what you find around you? Purchase? Do you have to be the one to pick it out of the pile? Or do you have someone choose it for you? I have such a hard time picking out just the right one. I usually only take a stone if it feels "right", which means more often than not I walk out of the store with no stone in my hand. :) Picky, Picky, Picky.


27-09-2002, 18:37
I could say Astrology, or more specifically Sun Signs...
I could say Tarot Cards or Crystal-therapy uses...
I could say availability and price...

BUT, I will say, instead, that I pick what I pick cos I like it.
And cos it strikes me, and hits me, and stands out of the bunch.
And because I know the stone wants me, in a certain way.

So far I only have a couple items, but they feel so right and exactly done to be with me.
Oh my Red Adventurine, and my Anethyst Druse...
and my Rose Quartz, and my Lapis Lazuli...

27-09-2002, 19:58
Usually I feel drawn to a stone when I need it, sounds weird, I know, but the stones seem to call out to me just like decks or books I want and when I need them, they appear.

27-09-2002, 21:15
Originally posted by catlin
Usually I feel drawn to a stone when I need it, sounds weird, I know, but the stones seem to call out to me just like decks or books I want and when I need them, tehy apprear.
Yeah, definitely YEAH. :D
It's what has always happened to me so far.
I knew I needed certain stones in certain moments, even though I knew and still know so so so so so little about them, their use and characteristics. Despite this, the stone revealed to be exactly what I needed, the most helpful and suitable I could get in that precise moment. It was particularly special with my late Green Jade (a pyramid... :() and my Amethyst Druse.
They just seem to reach me when needed, in many different ways, but they do.

Now a confession...
I used to be quite suspicious of stones, especially with their use in magic. I didn't think they could help much, even though I found them esthetically valuable.
it's almost 6 months my perspective as completely changed, and I tend to include a stone in my working almost always. And I am scared, cos I am getting as bad with WANTING STONES BADLY as I am with tarot decks - and my possiblities are so narrow... *LOL*
Sad and Frustrating life it is for tarot&stone-aholic students, yet when you get something new it's bliss!!! :D

28-09-2002, 03:44
I usually try to find out which crystal is best for me by looking up the properties of the crystals.

During the actual selection at the shop, I just trust my intuition and pick the crystal that seems to "speak" to me. :)

28-11-2002, 13:40
Usually when I go into a store I will have something in mind that I want, but more often than not I come out with something different. I usually go by how it feels. Often I will pick up a stone and find that I can put it down! Thats the one I usually get.

There have been a couple if times where Iv had a dream about a particular stone. That's how I aquiered my peice of Lepodolite.


Shadow Wolf
05-12-2002, 12:34
I was definetely drawn to the stones I have.

Right now I carry with me a clear quartz crystal for clear-
headedness, a blue, not sure which stone it is , but it's carved with a bear's claw, the symbol for defense and balanace, and
carnelian, for prophesy and visions. I carry them in as small
leather pouch in my pocket.

If I'm feeling drained or weak, I just have to touch the pouch to remind me that I carry all the potential of these stones within
myself, and so they help me get through rough days.

I believe that we are drawn to the stones that we most need at
the time.

10-12-2002, 02:06
I also have the belief that the right stone shows up at the right time.

As far as picking the right exact stone out of the bin or off the shelf at the store, I line a few up and pick the one that looks and feels right when I hold it. If it sticks to my hand, it gets extra consideration. The one I pick tends to feel like it was contoured especially to fit my hand, like it was made for me to be an extra attachment to my body. Which sounds a bit like a vacuum cleaner, but it's a pretty good description.

Last time I bought stones at one metaphysical store, the clerks said they had a guy in not long ago who chose his stones by smell. Never heard of that before, but apparently it works for him...

-- Kyrielle

10-12-2002, 06:44
Heehee...Am I the only one who buys for no reason?? LOL! I just grab the one that catches my eye!

16-03-2003, 22:47
I choose those that is nice and useful to me. Of course it must attract me too! I love Tiger Eye and use it most of the time.