View Full Version : Wierd night time experience.

14-04-2007, 00:56
I decided to try out a new mix of stones under my pillow last night to see what the results would be. Those stones were an amethyst cluster, and a herkimer diamond. But since they had not been used in a while, when I took a bath before bedtime, I took them into the bath with me to cleanse them, and then I charged them for the purpose of helping me to remember my dreams, and enhancing my dreams.

I put my little bag of stones underneath my pillow, and when I placed my head down on my pillow, my head immediately started buzzing and I fell instantly asleep. Is that a common occurance with this mixture of stones? I know that amethyst helps you sleep, and a herkimer diamond is a much more powerful amplifier than regular clear quartz. But I don't understand why I got such a buzz of energy going through my head.

Also, I think that they may have caused me to have some very strange dreams. Either it was due to the stones, or it was just something that would have happened anyway, and I just remembered it more clearly. I had a dream about amethysts, and a couple dreams about shattering glass, and intestines, lol.

Any insight into this experience with these rocks?

16-04-2007, 08:37
You got a buzz off them because you put them in the bath with you. The heat would have activated them. Heat or pressure causes the piezoelectricity of the stones to become much more pronounced, also causes them to generate more negative ions when they've been warmed. You gave them a double whammy - from heating them first, and then from the pressure of the weight of your head and the pillow on them. For sure that will cause you to fall asleep quickly and can give you pretty intense dreams.