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01-10-2002, 10:34
What's your favourite sign in astrology? Remember - it doesn't have to be your sunsign...

I'm a Leo myself, but I really like all the watersigns......especially cancer and pisces.

If I'd have to choose, it must be Pisces as the last sign and the most divine to me.

If it was for my own comfort only, I guess I would choose Cancer.

But I'll put my ego aside and choose Pisces.

(actually I like all signs and think they are equally important....)

02-10-2002, 03:00
I'm a double Capricorn with Cancer moon, but in the past three months Mr. Scorpio has been making himself known in my life in all sorts of interesting and inspiring ways. So Scorpio gets my vote.


02-10-2002, 03:05
Woohoo Babe!! I am a scorpio(female)
I am in love with Leos. Why are they so freaking hot too me?

Leos get my vote!!

02-10-2002, 05:17
Gemini... i personally like... i know 2 many of them but it's all good

02-10-2002, 06:12
I'm a Leo and I would have vainly voted for that but... I must say, I absolutely ADORE Sagittarius's. The only guy I loved was one and my best friend (practically a sister) is one. Plus, they laugh at my jokes. ;) What's not to love?

:) Kes

02-10-2002, 08:33
I"m a Sagittarius and it's actually one of my favorite signs, but Libra is a close second.

02-10-2002, 23:46
I'm an Aries... love Capricorn though. ;)

04-10-2002, 01:54
I get along so well in life with Geminis, Sagittari and Aries, but the way a Scorpio and I click is really the best.

I can really dig Pisces, too.

I'm a Leo.


04-10-2002, 06:37
I'm a Libra and get along great with Aquarians and Virgoans.

:TSTAR Starfish

08-10-2002, 06:38
I luuuuuuv water signs :)

15-10-2002, 00:23
i love water signs as well, but had to go with Scorpio.
i have had many friends and boyfriends that are Scorpio, and seem to get along great with the little pinchers (though i'm not "supposed" to- Taurus, but my rising is Scorpio, so that must be why)

15-10-2002, 01:39
i am a cancer with scorpio rising and love cancers (and scorpios too!) but i voted for taurus cause they have that prescious earth-energy i crave!
taurus guys have a special hold on me, they calm me down and ground me and makes me feel warm and loved even if there is no romance in the air.

i have a real hard time with aries, i can't take any harsh words at all and they always managed to make me feel tiny and insignificant - like a bug someone stepped on.
and most of my major crushes have always been aries men. bah!

15-10-2002, 02:40
Taurus lies exactly opposite Scorpio in the Zodiac. Both are fixed signs and like all opposites they attract one another. Your seventh house of relationships (including marriage) will be in Taurus, if you have Scorpio rising, so a Taurean has a good start on the rest of the field.

Aries is square to your Sun sign and inconjunct to your rising sign, so you are unlikely to get on well with Ariens unless they have a big dose of Water (especially) or Earth in their charts.



19-10-2002, 16:35
I'm always attracted to Scopios; Aquarians are always attracted to me. Almost all of my boyfriends have been Scorpios (one notable exception, a Taurus who I was head-over-heels for).
I'm a Cancer, Scorpio moon, Aquarius rising.
Favorite sign is tough. I love other water signs but those Geminis and Libras keep me smiling. And my best friend is a Leo with all the best qualities of that sign.
Aw, I love you all!

20-10-2002, 00:54
I'm a Capricorn, but I love Pisces and Taurus. Hooray for moody, grumpy, lonely goats. And trust me, Librans can drive anyone nuts although they're fascinating people...

07-11-2002, 16:31
I detest water signs. My ex_ was cancer. It was a very very poor combination, he and I. And Pisces... Argh. I can't understand pisceans at all.

Leo is fine. I'm weary of Libra though. They tend to lie.

Originally posted by Balder
I'm a Leo myself, but I really like all the watersigns......especially cancer and pisces.

08-11-2002, 02:19
I am a Gemini but my vote has to go to Sagittarius (they just sweep me of my feet).
I do get along brilliantly as well with Aries and Aquarians. And uhh, ohh, Hubby is Pices...