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02-10-2002, 08:46
For anyone interested in Christopher Reeve's chart, you can go here:


You can read the story of his accident that left him parilyzed.

About six years ago, I attended a lecture on Eclipses and the astrologer said that the August 99 solar eclipse would be big for Christopher Reeve, meaning he would walk again....it wasn't...BUT...last August's new Moon conjuncted that eclipse (18 Leo) and the upcoming Jupiter/Pluto trine at 16-18 Leo/Sagg will again contact that point. It happens to be Chris Reeve's ascendant. Stay tuned for this story is far from over! It's quite possilbe that Reeve's will walk on his own and wouldn't that be wonderful!


03-10-2002, 03:08
He is going to walk again. I believe last week the news here in America stated that Christopher reeves is a big supporter of Stem Cell research. He is trying.

03-10-2002, 04:49
My wife (especially) and I have been Christopher Reeve fans since the early Superman movies - indeed we went through a phase of quoting the Superman II film script's Lois/Clarke dialogue at length to each other as responses to sensible questions.

When he had his accident we were both deeply moved and we really do fervently hope that he can be able to walk again. Thanks for the link AG, I'm sure we will find a study of his horoscope deeply interesting.


06-10-2002, 01:51
His chart is a good study of astrology. Transiting Pluto in Sagg will be coming up to conjunct his natal Mars in Sagg and it will have a MAJOR impact on his life. This aspect will be in effect for several years. Never, ever underestimate the power of Pluto/Mars!

People born with Pluto on the ascendant, like Reeve, are born fighters. They have such a mammoth amount of inborn strength that they can endure and conquer just about anything. It's a for real "Superman" placement!

Donald Trump's ascendant is 17 Leo (just like mine!) and we'll have to take notice what happens when Jupiter comes over his ascendant (over the next several months) and awakens the Leo eclipse point. Pluto is also coming up to conjunct his Moon in Sagg and I think he'll be getting married again within the next two years and I believe his eldest daughter will also. Now, if I were his astrologer, I would suggest he see his cardiologist just for a precautionary check-up that everything is in fine working order (natal Moon in the 5th, the heart house.)


06-10-2002, 06:15
I haven't had time to do much than a quick look at Christopher Reeve's chart but I noticed that the South Node is in almost exact conjunction to his Leo Ascendant. I would take this as showing a huge store of creativity and honesty and is an indicator of his courage, strength and self belief in the face of adversity. I used Placidus houses rather than the Equal House system in the original chart.

If the North Node is allowed in a T Square then he has a fixed T Square of Jupiter (Taurus) Ascendant/Pluto/South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius. A strong driving force and with Jupiter as its apex in the tenth, I would take the direction of drive to be career focused. Successfully dealing with a T square usually means recognising the need for change and the planet at the top - Jupiter in the tenth is likely also to indicate where change occurs, in this case the career. Reeve had already turned to roles that were demanding as an actor, rather than keeping to the superhero stereotype, before his accident. Jupiter also suggests self expansion through career and he also has his Part of Fortune in the tenth in Gemini - success through career but likely changes in career

Reeve also has Venus as his sole dispositor - it not only rules the Sun (which is also his chart ruler) but is in dignity in Libra. Again it is not surprise that his talents lie in the arts, reinforced by Sun and Mercury both in Libra and in the second House.

A strong Fire/Air mix, which tends to indicate an extrovert character, his problem would be dealing with the practical (though he has substantial placements in the Earth Houses) and recognising his feelings and emotions. He is also likely to be very self motivated and self driven - having a majority of planets in his eastern hemisphere.

I've not looked at the transits and progressions for the time of his accident so I still have some investigation to do.

At least it will keep me going for a bit!


PS forgot to say that we have a signed photo of Christopher Reeve which still hangs proudly on our wall.