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28-04-2007, 08:54
Hey there,

So anyone whos been reading the how does your garden grow thread probably sees that I'm doing alot of reclaiming with herbs that were in my yard before I got here. They are all grown in with various grasses and (for lack of better word) weeds.

I think I've identified several differnt plants that I would be happy to keep. The problem comes in with getting a positive ID on the plants before use. I've got multiple herbals and use the web as a resource for picture ID. Some plants are relatively easy. The sweet woodruff is unlikely to be anything else. But I think I've got some thyme coming up and with all the different varieties and the tiny size of the leaves, it's hard to tell if thats actually what it is.

How do others make positive IDs on plants they haven't worked with before?

29-04-2007, 07:45
Hi Ankou :-)

If it smells like thyme, it probably is thyme :-)
Why not take a sprig to your local good garden centre ?