View Full Version : Full moon and children

03-05-2007, 21:35
I always know when it will be a full moon, most of the children at work are extra excited. Every time I've said to a staff member or parent, it must be a full moon, it was, or had been the day before or day after.

Also, when it's windy, most of the children get extra excited as well.

Any explanations on this?

03-05-2007, 23:33
The Moon has long been associated with emotionalism. Many have cited stories and studies showing that there are more abusive personal attacks that the police have to deal with, or that hospital operating rooms have more bleeding, or that mental patients tend to be more excited -- all when the Moon is full. These have been long accepted by much of the public. What is not so well known is that there are just as many studies showing that there is not significant linkage. As an astrologer, I believe that people with a strong Moon placement are easily affected at the new and full Moon.

Relative to the wind and excitability within children: when the wind blows we are typically shifting between high and low pressure areas. Low pressure areas bring high humidity, a change in the ion-charge of the atmosphere, and clouds. High pressure areas tend to bring low humidity and sunshine, as well as a change in positive-negative ion charges. All of this can have a big effect upon everyone, not just children. Just my thinking on this. Dave