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12-05-2007, 03:19
We have discovered a lot about Astrology, about ourselves, about each other by examining each of the planets. We have looked at planets in houses, planets in phase relationships, planets in aspect.


** Which planet would you choose to lose?
** How might that affect your personality?
** How would that "missing planet" affect your relationships?
** What aspect relationships would be impacted by one planet suddenly missing from the chart? How would that alter the manner in which you deal with life?

WRITE A PARAGRAPH ABOUT THAT ASPECT OF YOURSELF THAT WOULD BE CHANGED. This can be an imaginative example of how you deal with the change in your chart.

EACH OF THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE ARE URGED TO ASK OTHERS WHO HAVE POSTED ABOUT WHY? OR TO POST COMMENTS. I'd like these comments to be posted only by those who first post about their own missing planet.

Now, a few cautions before you go posting about your Pluto or Saturn.
** Planets linked to the Sun or Moon could have dramatic impacts on how your personality operates.
** For many of us, almost every planet plays a major role. Consider your choice for "exclusion" very carefully.
** If you have one planet that doesn't seem to play a role in your life, then you might not want to exclude that planet from your chart. Why waste this opportunity?
** If you remove a planet from a grand-trine or a t-square, then you might drastically change yourself.


12-05-2007, 04:00
:eek: devious last bit in there Dave ......... I was automatically going to say Saturn until I read further :P Have to think on this!

The Hanged Man
26-05-2007, 13:17

We couldn't, so why bother?

26-05-2007, 21:51
Because in thinking and discussing this we learn about how we perceive the balances and inbalances in our chart and come to conclusion about how we use the "whole" of our chart -- perhaps in ways we didn't think about before. Dave

26-05-2007, 22:24
If I could, I would change slightly some of my planets, rather than remove any one. I have so many planets in Pisces - including Saturn - it is rather unhelpful to me. I would have at least one major planet in an earth sign, sextile my sun.

But one I would do without entirely? I am not sure my Pisces Saturn is that useful, I feel undermined by it half the time - I simply don't know what its strengths are :( - certainly it doesn't seem to help me build anything. But Dave, you warned about disturbing grand trines, and that one is locked in a grand trine, so maybe I oughtn't to remove it.

27-05-2007, 01:32
Grand trines tend to become a self-energized motor of sorts. It's not that they are as initiating or irritatingly useful as a T-square, but they tend to have a way of working "automatically" for you. Often, if the three planets are compatible to some degree they work well together. When one or more are incompatible with the other(s) than they sometimes just take turns. The processes for using them to benefit yourself requires that you adopt steps where one kicks in, then the next takes over, and then the last chimes in.

So, the question is, do you want to lose this quiet and dependable energy? Do you want to modify it by shifting either signs or houses? If that were possible, what might change for you? Dave

27-05-2007, 05:35
If I wanted to preserve the grand trine in water, think I'd give myself a Cancer Saturn and a Pisces Jupiter (a straight swap), which might help with the building bit. On the other hand, a Cancer Jupiter is very comfy :D

I would not do without any personal planet. Perhaps the outer planets, since we lived very well without them for millenia, so I don't think their loss would significantly impact me personally. Although I stand to be corrected!

The Hanged Man
27-05-2007, 06:02
Because in thinking and discussing this we learn about how we perceive the balances and inbalances in our chart and come to conclusion about how we use the "whole" of our chart -- perhaps in ways we didn't think about before.

I see what you mean, although it's like wondering what water would be like if we removed a hydrogen atom. If we removed one of them, it wouldn't be water anymore.

I find it an impossible task. I could imagine the planets in different places, but I couldn't imagine erasing one, without them nothing would exist as it is. I'll think about it though.

27-05-2007, 08:36
I was tempted to say Neptune, until I read your **caution** area, lol!
It makes sense.
By removing my Neptune, I wanted to rid myself of the opposition to my sun, moon mercury in tau. Then I thought, I don't think I'd be capable of anything, I wouldn't be driven to seek things out about myself or my place in the world. Like Fudu, I'd like to tweak my chart... My Leo ASC squares my sun, moon, mercury...eeek...I can make life so difficult then it needs to be. I'd shove it over to Virgo or Cancer for a trine or sextile to my sun, moon, mercury making me more analytical perhaps or more caring.

So back to the planet, ok, my Venus which is squaring my natal Saturn...abracadabra...no more pain in love matters!

I agree Fudu, I wouldn't be so quick in getting rid of my Jupiter in Cancer either, that's my good luck charm:D
Since having Saturn transit my ASC, and 1st house this past year (still got a year and so to go) I have to say, it's been rough, but, boy, have a learned A LOT! So wouldn't want to get rid of Saturn...yes, final answer is my natal Venus.