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22-02-2002, 00:50
Well, it is Pisces time and since I am one I thought I would wish all others a Happy Birthday for some time over the next month... Do you really think we are more intuitive and spiritual?

22-02-2002, 10:29
Kayne, HAPPY COSMIC RETURN OF YOUR SUN! Translated that means, Happy Birthday!

Yes, Pisces are spiritual, compassionate and all those good things...

Hope you have an enjoyable birthday.

22-02-2002, 12:52
happy birthday fellow pisceans! mine is the 26th. what is yours?

AG, i'm curious, is there differences in pisces born in february versus march? from looking at my ephemeris i notice that february pisces tend to have more planets in aquarius and march more in aries. i generally take that to mean that febs tend to have more of the altruistic intellectual aquarian characteristics while marches tend to be more pioneering and assertive. the closer to the cut off for pisces in march the more arien characteristics.

another thing i'm curious about is the dual nature of pisces symbolized by the fish going in opposite directions. this reminds me of the dual nature of gemini. is there any correlations that could be drawn here?

btw, just for laughs my aquarian sister-in-law got highly po'ed at me when i told her aquarius is an air sign not a water sign. she argued that aquarius is a water sign b/c the symbol is a water bearer and that i was insulting her by calling her an airhead. i didn't have to prove anything that she didn't put on herself! LOL

22-02-2002, 14:31
my daughter will be three on the 25th!

22-02-2002, 19:02
My birthday is the 25th!!! :) :) Perhaps February borns are more spirtual (hence the reason we are both here...) Like I said in that twin thread - I have always considered my twin sister to be one fish and me the other - we are so different!

22-02-2002, 23:17
well...6 days, and I can get drunk legally!....
I wonder if a legal hangover is different from an illegal one?

happy birthday all you fellow piscessss


23-02-2002, 05:02
o.k. truth , I modified my post too. Happy Birthday to all pisceans! And capricorns are pretty cool too! ^_^ .

23-02-2002, 07:03
mea culpa! i'm sorry purplelady. i didn't mean to be offensive or insinuate anything about you. i just wasn't thinking about how what i said could be misinterpreted. i modified that post and took the offending statement out. thanks for bringing my thoughtlessness to my attention. i know you are a cool person. most of my best friends have always been capricorns or tauruses. your ability not to drift off on tangents and seeing the practical side of things is a big asset to ppl like myself.

my younger sister is born 2/24 and we are like night and day. she's a homemaker w/ 3 kids and i've always been the career girl/scholar w/ no kids. one friend's son is born the 25th. mine is the 26th. FYI, meewah is also a 2/26 pisces. :) many more happy cosmic returns, meewah,my friend! another friend's is the 27th and my nephew's is the 28th.

malachite, i can't answer you from experience but i've been told that a legal hangover isn't as much fun as an illegal one. something about the thrill of not being discovered is taken away. am i missing something here b/c i didn't know there was such a thing as a good hangover? please enlighten me! ;D

23-02-2002, 09:12
I have not got anything to add, I'm a Gemini twin! :)

However, my fourth house just falls inside Pisces, and I love this coz Pisces is the Sign of ABSOLUTE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR THE ETERNITY. It is really romantic! I love it!

Maybe that's the reason why some Piscean make me "feel home" (i.e. when I happen to write a post or an e-mail to Meewah) or why some I just can't stand - there's one at university, trying to get inside my woderful circle of friends; I can't ward him off, Im not that pathetic ;p.

And, it could also mean I could fall in love with a Pisces too.
(Even though, I like the Virgo shape of the polarity better - they're just so sexy! :) )

24-02-2002, 10:48
What a neat thread this is--I need some cheering & it's nice to know I am in such vaulted company :D
Happy birthday to you, too, Kayne! & thank you for such a lovely idea :)
Happy birthday to you, Truthsayer, my friend! May all things fall into place for ye this year.
To Jade's daughter, the blessings of God/dess be with ye on whatever path...
To Malachite: Trust me--there is no difference. Both feel equally ugly! Happy birthday & be careful! That is the mum in me speaking :)
Purplelady: Am I correct in understanding you are Capricorn? If so, happy belated!
Pollux: You are a sweetie; funny, too (as in "ha-ha", not as in "odd")!

25-02-2002, 05:10
Malachite (22 Feb, 2002 23:17):
well...6 days, and I can get drunk legally!....
I wonder if a legal hangover is different from an illegal one?


Which reminds me.... *Kiama runs off to buy birthday card and pressie....* ;p

New River
25-02-2002, 06:49
Happiest of Birthdays to all my fishie friends!

i find most Pisces irresistable! i am a scorpio/fixed water. some of my favorite people throughout my life have been pisces.

my other 'drawn to' sign seems to be Leo. funny, as fire and water don't seem to mix! altho you couldn't have a good cup of tea without the two!

love, light and hope, New River

25-02-2002, 12:54
happy birthday to meewahhhhhhhhh, happy birthday to you! (26th)


28-02-2002, 08:10
Jade: Thank ye kindly!
This is the 1st time I've been able to access this thread again; been stymied by "internal server errors" here & nearly everywhere else.

28-02-2002, 17:50
me too meewah,

it sure makes moderating difficult :(


11-03-2002, 09:05
No....legal hangovers are DEFINETLY worse, although that might be more quantity-related...
and now entering my second week of *cutting back on alcoholic excess!*

11-03-2002, 13:12
I'm a Feb 24th gal myself. I totally think we fishies are more intuitive than the other signs.

12-03-2002, 08:45

My day was the 4th.

Truthsayer - the duality of the Piscean is emotional. The fish swimming in opposite directions are the choice we sensitive souls have to make in life. To be overwhelmed by our emotional sensitivity and sink to the murky depths or learn to rise above them and swim upwards to the light.

Onward and upward, eh!!!