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13-05-2007, 19:45
I would love to use stones/crystals for divination but I'm confused over the quartz. I'm in need of just a quartz stone but I thought that normal quartz was just the clear varity but it seems otherwise as, quartz and clear quartz are listed differently. Any help or links would be great.

Cheers guys :)

13-05-2007, 22:16
You might want to get Judy Hall's book, called The Crystal Bible. There are also many websites with really good pictures of stones, including all the varieties of quartz. Here is one:

Best Crystals (www.bestcrystals.com).

13-05-2007, 22:48
There are hundreds of different types of quartz, clear quartz being but one of them.

Judy Hall or Melody's Love is in the Earth will give you some more information, as will any good mineralogy book. Every different type of quartz has different vibrations, healing and metaphysical characteristics and can be assigned different meanings in divination. The crystalline structure and hardness is similar, which is why they all belong to the same family.

This site (http://www.mindat.org/min-3337.html) will give you more mineralogical information about quartz in general. If you scroll down to 3/4 of the page, you will see some of the varieties listed. Then you can look up their metaphysical properties on other sites. (I'd recommend you get to know the mineralogical properties of crystals and stones you intend to work with).

14-05-2007, 02:14
I have two of Judy Hall's books and thats why Im a tad confused. I was using the stone reference for divination from the back of the Crystal Bible. Maybe I could just use a different type of quartz???

14-05-2007, 12:55
It's kind of like tomatoes. . . there are different varieties, with different uses for each.

Clear crystal quartz can be programmed for any intent, but keep in mind that it magnifies everything, so if you are in a dark mood, it can magnify that too. Rose quartz is the quintessential love stone, magnifying love and helping to heal rifts between lovers when exchanged.

And so on and so on. Read the "Q" section of Judy Hall's book. That should answer a lot of your questions.

15-05-2007, 03:07
I love quartz too and I didn't realise there were so many different types - I think my favourite is still clear quartz though. :)

18-05-2007, 07:55
Maybe I"m a bit off in my reply but in the gemstone world the word "clear" is often synonymous with "colorless." So, "clear" quartz would be quartz that isn't purple, yellow, etc. It doesn't mean that the stone itself is perfectly clear like a synthetic or glass item.

Quartz is the one of the most common stones and the "quartz group" is huge. These are some of the stones which are in that group


etc, etc...

Hope you have fun learning about this great group. And if you only buy one stone, I'd suggest you get a clear quartz crystal point. Clear quartz is THE most versitle stone for healing/divination available.

18-05-2007, 09:08
there are many, many forms of quartz, and I would recommend considering coming up with your own meanings for stones your drawn to... I personally don't like that list in the back of the crystal bible... somethings off about it... I practice crystal divination and it's one of my favorites! here's a list I came up with as a suggestion for stones and their possible meanings.... maybe this will help... these are meanings I've come up with based on various aspects, from the name of the stone, to its color, to what I think of it... in any given reading though, the stones sorta blend together and mesh and the meanings become very fluid and dynamic.... lithomancy is a very personal art, so find what works for you! hope this helps


stones marked with ** are in the quartz family

**Amethyst - Spirituality, connection with the Divine

Angelite - Peace, Tranquility, Angelic Influences

Apache Tears - Sadness, Gloominess, Depression

Aquamarine - going with the flow, detoxification

**Aventurine (green) - Prosperity, Abundance, Luck

**Black Onyx - Worries, Doubts, Fears, Anxieties

**Bloodstone - Courage, Determination

**Blue Lace Agate - Communication

**Carnelian - Creativity, Fertility, Sexuality

**Citrine - Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Light

**Clear Quartz - Clarity, Understanding, Vision

Emerald - Friendships

Flourite - Focus, Concentration, and Learning

Hematite - Grounding and Protection

Howlite - Anger, Jealousy, Bitterness

Garnet - Power, Ambitions, Passion

Jade - Luck, Good Fortune

Jet - Impatience, Instinctiveness

Laboradorite - Magic, Manifestation, Creation

Lapis Lazuli - Truth, Integrity

Lepidolite - Inner Gifts, Tranquility

Malachite - Forgiveness, suppressed emotions

**Milky Quartz - Confusion, Uncertainty

Moonstone - Intuition, Psychic Ability, Cycles, Mysteries, Secrets, Dreams

Obsidian - Volatility, Unstableness

Pyrite - Caution, Things aren't what they appear

**Red Jasper - Practicality, Common Sense, Security, Earth Energies

Rhodochrosite - Nurturing, Compassion, Self-esteem

Rhodonite - Balance, Harmony, Sincerity

**Rose Quartz - Love

Ruby - Vitality, Exuberance

Serpentine - Transformation, Changes

**Smokey Quartz - Quietness, Meditation, Rest

Sodalite - Logic, Knowledge, Reason

Sunstone - Inspiration, Energy, Positivity

Tektite - Journey, travels

**Tiger's Eye - Optimism, Improvements

Turquoise - Healing

Briar Rose
18-05-2007, 09:35
That was nice of you to post that Joermit.

I have a huge smokey quartz point on my desk at work.

18-05-2007, 12:52
Thanks, Heavensvault! smokey quartz is great for a work environment! good choice....

Wumpkie, consider this as you begin your journey with learning to work with crystals for divination.... hopefully, it'll give you an idea how you can come up with some meanings of your own and how stones work with each other to form divinatory meanings... and perhaps it'll give you some helps with the quartzes...

For me, a nice clear quartz (in my bag I use an exceptionally clear and bright tumbled clear stone) brings the message of clarity and understanding, it's a bit of enlightenment... for example... should it fall close to or be pulled with (I lay stones out in spreads, I cast them, I pull handfulls and just consider them, I do all sortsa things) say rose quartz (a pink quartz), my stone for love and relationships, I could interpret this as gaining clarity in a love related issue, or the need for understanding with someone whom I love, or it could show that there clearly is love... so many options! it's actually hard to intellectualize the process as it's something I naturally just intuit....

now... say I pulled a milky quartz (an opaque quartz with lots of inclusions in it that cloud it) with that rose quartz... whereas the clear quartz presents clarity and understanding, milky quartz clouds that.... to me it represents confusion, a murky situation, and uncertainty (my meaning for this stone was just obvious to me the clarity of clear quartz was clouded by inclusions, thus changing the energy and meaning for divination).... so this combination would represent confusion surrounding a relationship... not knowing if you really love someone... or something similar, again, making room for intuition....

to take it one step further, consider snow quartz, which is solid white quartz, completely solid white in color... this is about not seeing a situation at all, being blinded, things freezing up (a play for me on the 'snow' part of the name).... combine that with rose quartz and it could indicate being blinded by love... not recognizing love in your life... being cold and unreceptive to love... etc...

or amethyst (purple quartz) with rose quartz... this could indicate a deep, spiritually based and divine love or relationship...

or citrine (yellow/orange quartz) with rose quartz... a happy, joyful, optimistic, peppy sorta of loving relationship...

or green aventurine (green quartz) with rose quartz... abundance and wealth in love... perhaps several love affairs or indicating plenty of love to go around,....

I hope that helps! I hope I was able to clearly explain how I work with stones... best of luck in your study of crystal divination... it's an incredibly versatile system... I absolutely love it and hope you have great success! let me know if I can help in any way... I don't post often, but I do lurk and read the forums regularly, so just ask... thanks!


18-05-2007, 13:57
er..many of the stones in the list are not in the quartz group. I know that, but it might confuse a novice asking about quartz.

18-05-2007, 14:53
Thank you Joermit (and everyone) Maybe it would be best to make up my own meanings, well not make up as of such, but use the stones I feel drawn too it will prove more of a connection. Problem is I love them all.

19-05-2007, 02:36
er..many of the stones in the list are not in the quartz group. I know that, but it might confuse a novice asking about quartz.

Most of the stones on the list I included weren't quartz... I thought it clear that I was including a list of stones and meanings I've come up with for divinatory purposes, but perhaps I should have made it more clear... I'll go back and edit those that I know are in the quartz family... thanks...