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14-05-2007, 00:20
I am a wholesale buyer for gifts and clothing. Somehow I got invited to a trade show for wholesalers put on by the Jewelry and Gem Ass. of course I went, I love San Francisco..
At the end of the show was a party for the buyers with free wine and a silent auction of close-outs. (remember, free wine:)) The clipboard said:

Asst. Tumbled Stones--150/30

Cool, I thought 150 stones for 30 dollars and wrote down my name. Nobody else did and I won the bid!

The guy wheeling the cart of boxes to my car, with the 150 POUNDS of tumbled rocks, in 30 different varieties, thought it was pretty funny that I didn't know industry lingo...he also thought it funny that,(because of the wine) I didn't see the starting bid was $100!

I've traded stones, made lithomancy bags, from Chronata's thread, for my friends and STILL have over a hundred sodalites alone. Some of the varieties are still in sealed bags with the 2kg stickers! and there's NO simulated stones!

I had to look up some of these, like bronzite or morganite, but most, the amazonite and the aragonite, seem to come from Brazil. There was 18 walnut sized serpentine! I'm certainly learning a lot. and bought 2 more books!

As I go thru each and every bag, my collection is out-growing me. (I buried one of each and I think they are growing!) Try sleeping with 3 pounds of amethyst in your room. I'm old, and it's nice to sleep thru the night!
So if anybody wants to trade, or has any suggestions or help, please do. one of my friends suggested making stepping stones or coasters!LOL it made me cringe. I can list in another post if necessary. and I can afford to be generous!

This is sooo the 9 of cups!...

thanks, Hh

oh yeah, I've tried twice to list them on ebay and each time something glitched in the process...

14-05-2007, 00:37
Thank you for the laugh you gave me with your story of stones! Perhaps you could list some items (decks, bags, books, etc.) that you would like and offer to trade "x" amount of stones for them. Of course you would need to list some of the types of stones you have so others would know what choices they would have. Shipping outside of NA might be costly, so you might check into that also. There are MANY stone lovers here; I don't think you would have a problem unloading some of them :D.


Guiding Cauldron
14-05-2007, 01:03
omgoodness what a load you have!! :) i have a question though if i may? do you know of a name for a very light irredscentlike sky blue stone, it evidentally links to angels as well. i have one but i cant remeber the name of this stone.

also if you want to unload some of your treasures you can list them on a crystals trade thread or something just state what you have and what your willing to take for them. good luck with it all :) actually if you ahve any golden topaz or blue goldstone i would be interested too. blessings xx

14-05-2007, 02:14
Really quick..before brunch..the list..

aventurine/grn/brazil/not goldstone
black onyx
black tourmaline
cats eye/beryl
garnet/polished stone?
irai jasper
new jade/NZ?
petrified wood
quartz/inclusions-they talk!
red jasper
rutilated quartz-some so full, they're brownish
smoky quartz/not heated
snowflake obsidian
tiger eye
tiger iron-interesting difference
zebra jasper


14-05-2007, 03:51
I think 2kg of Snowflake Obsidian would drive anybody crazy! I have a small pieces that I can really use to drive people away ;) It's quite heavy and difficult energy to work with.

Well, since I live in Europe, it's going to be impossible to ship it to me I'm guessing... I'd love to have some of the varieties you are having... but not in those quantities!

You might consider selling some bags with mixed varieties, those always seem to sell well on Ebay...


14-05-2007, 04:06
If I were you I would try and find a place that might be interested in buying them from you, like a Metaphysical store, or even an antique store. Another possibility would be having a yard sale and selling them that way. Make up some clear bags of mixtures or put in glass bowls-this will be eye catching. Get a wide dish, place a pillar candle in the middle, place the stones all around it, and voila! Someone will buy it. Throw some in a basket for the more earthy type people and stick some in pouches for good luck and good health. Sell the rest individually or have people "make up" their own bag-a certain amount of rocks for 1 price. Maybe there is a flea market nearby! Good luck!

14-05-2007, 06:09
This may get moved to the advertising thread, but I wanted to note, that within the US you can get free Priority mail boxes at any post office. Normally Priority would be a last choice of shipping, but... look here:
and click on Flat Rate
You can put up to SEVENTY pounds into the two boxes. They aren't huge but they are plenty big for a bunch of rocks. With the new rates going into effect on Monday, they will ship anywhere in the US for $9.15. Period.

You can also order them free, thru the link above, in lots of 10 and they will be delivered along with your mail.

14-05-2007, 09:41
You may certainly trade them here. Trades are not restricted to that one thread. Selling would have to go to Advertising.

14-05-2007, 12:51
I never expected so much help! Everybody had such great ideas. great minds think alike:).

We dont't have any metaphysical stores or bookshops here, but do have a rock/jewelry store I went to see. Rocks take up counterspace/they take too long to sell..She bought a few, told me that's why someone else got rid of them.

This is getting to be an obsession, tho. I'm sitting with a flashlight and a magnifying glass! I never saw anything like this..(did have to cover some,too)

I forgot about the flatrate boxes! That's what I used for the tea exchange and it isn't weighed. That's perfect, thanks for that. and the coolest package I ever got came sea mail from ravenest in Australia. It took a long time but was stamped all over like an old-time steamer trunk. I kept the wrappings.

I'm off to the trading thread.:)
Thanks everyone. Hh

Briar Rose
19-05-2007, 10:45
How much morganite do you have? Tumbled, or rough cut? I have none, and would love to work with them on healing with crystals.

Please PM with price.

20-05-2007, 14:50
Wow Horace - the stone fairy really likes you , doesn't she ? You could start making runes with them I suppose .

There are usually places in every area that will sell items on ebay for you , for a flat fee or percentage of course . So that might be one way to take the stress and bother off yourself .

Little Hare
20-05-2007, 19:09
you should pop over to the crystal trading thread ;) or trade some stones for tarot cards :D

oh and also would you ship to australia?