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The Hanged Man
26-05-2007, 15:51
Hello to all.

I'm in the mood for a bit of horary.

For those of you who do not know, horary astrology is a method by which the astrologer casts a chart for the time and location at which he receives and understands a question, the horoscope is then examined in order to deliver an answer.

Your question must fulfill two important conditions:

1. The question must be clearly stated in a sentence.
2. You must provide some detailed information as to the circumstances surrounding your question.


If I answer a question for you, you must promise me that you will tell me what you thought of the reading, and more importantly, if my interpretation proved to be significant, or if it didn't. If I answer your horary and I was incorrect, then do not be the slightest bit embarrased to tell me so. It is in fact a great advantage to the student of astrology to get something wrong, because this means that there is a valuable lesson to be learned from it when the chart is examined in retrospect, and this contributes to experience. Please do however, tell me when I answered your question correctly.

Have some faith in my sincerity, but don't expect me to be infallible.

Bear in mind that sometimes, depending on the question, it could actually take a long time for you see if the prediction is fulfilled or not, so in these circumstances I understand that I may not be able to obtain confirmation quickly, but please make the effort and bear me in mind. I will also point out that some answers to questions do not consitute any 'prediction' as such, as you may be asking for guidance, or what to do in a particular circumstance, in which case, confirmation as such is not necessary, but I would still like to know what you thought of the guidance or advice, and what happened if you implemented it, or if you didn't.

Now, I want to say a few things that I find essential due to bad experiences in the past around here:

I am offering readings ONE AT A TIME, and I mean it. I have no idea how many questions I intend to answer, and I may even decide that I do not wish to interpret more than one question. This means that this thread operates on a first come, first served basis. Once you see that a question has already been submitted to me, DO NOT follow up with another question unless I have explicitly stated that I am ready for one. If you do this you will be ignored, and will not be considered for a reading in future for not being considerate enough to have read this post carefully.

This may sound harsh but the reason I make such a point of this is because of a certain spirit guide drawing thread I started a long time ago. Without going into the details, this caused me so much stress from people making demands of me, I felt it necessary to abandon this forum all together for a long time. I do not wish to be put under such pressure again.

I am not accepting payment for a reading, you cannot buy your way to the front of the queue, so don't ask! If such a time should ever come that I am offering my services commericially, if ever, then I would at such a time have a site that you can visit.

Remember that I can only cast a chart to seek an answer to your question, once I feel that the question has been fully understood. What this means is, that I may need to probe you further if I feel I do not have enough background to deliver an informed response, only when I have sufficient information can I cast the chart. It's the same principle as with Tarot, but much more important.

Usually, if your question has been clearly stated, and you have provided all the relevant background information, this will usually be enough for me to cast the horary, but if I feel that I need more information to work on, then I will post forth and tell you this, as I cannot cast a chart until the moment at which I feel that the question has been fully understood.

Do not deliberately lie or withhold information. If you do, then it is advisable not to bother asking the question in the first place, because there is the chance that I will be lead up the wrong path, and this will be of no benefit to either you or I. If the necessary background information to your question is of a very personal nature that you are too uncomfortable to divulge in public, it is better not to ask. I do not intend to conduct any part of a reading in the shadows across PM.

I would also point out that the question that you ask is your responsibilty, it is possible that you may obtain an answer that may rather not have heard, so bear this in mind for questions of a more grave nature.

I reserve the right to decide not to answer a question, but should I do this I will explain why. It may be that I consider the question inappropriate for horary, or one that I feel unable to answer.

So, with that out of the way, who will some angel send my way for the first question?

26-05-2007, 22:09
Hello Hanged Man

I was very interested to read your thread.

I have a question about career.

I would like to take up an offer for extra employment being offered by the Head of a college. I would like to have the extra income. I already hold a full time position and professionally doing well although there is no hope for promotion in my present company. That is why I am looking for extra income elsewhere.

The college needs a lecturer for part time teaching on Sundays for their Executive Diploma in Business Management course & Excutive Diploma in Human Resource Management course which I am fully able to handle. My concern is that professionally I am qualified by experience and do not yet have the paper qualifications for the following:

1) Accountancy :I have one more subject (Advanced Taxation) to complete in the June '07 exams before I am fully qualified professionally

2) MBA : I have to submit the dissertation to the University in June '07 before I can have the academic degree

I am currently an Assistant Manager reporting to the Manager & Head of department in a public listed company. I have been working there for nearly 5 years and I am doing well there but of course I need to move on to better position in future.

Regarding the courses, the first session commences in August for 4 weeks (1 Sunday per week). The following separate sessions commences next year (2008) from January 2008.

I would like be given this teaching position. Either commencing in August '07 or for the 2008 sessions. I need to meet and finalise with the Head of the college within the next two weeks. The head of the college is a friend whom I have known for three years, who has worked with me and who respects my professional capabilities but does not know that I do not yet have the paper qualifications to cement my professional work. I need to give her my resume/curriculum vitae in the next week. I am concerned that the lack of the papers (full qualifications for the professional accountancy and the MBA) may influence her decision negatively.

What does horary astrology say about whether I will be given this opportunity to work for the college part time on the Sunday sessions for the courses?

Please let me know what further info you need from me or any other personal details. If you are able to do the horary, I will provide detailed feedback for the reading as requested. Please also let me know if you are not able to read for this particular query and if you are able to accept a query on a different topic instead.

Thank you.


The Hanged Man
27-05-2007, 06:11
Hi Tavia.

Okay, so my understanding of this question in the most basic sense is this: 'I am concerned that I do not have the official qualifications in order to attain this position, will my experience be able to carry me through anyway?'.

I just needed to boil the question down to it's simplest form in order to proceed with the reading.

If you can confirm that my understanding of your question is correct, I can cast a horoscope at the time at which I first note your affirmative response.

27-05-2007, 10:16
Yes Hanged Man - your understanding is correct.

Thank you.


01-06-2007, 11:21