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06-06-2007, 03:57
I've had crystals since I was very little, yet I've never studied grids because I was mislead into believing they were something they're not. But now that I know they're PURPOSE, I'm becoming very interested in them. The amount of good information online seems to be limited though. I tried contacting someone who works with crystals and Reiki to ask them my question, and, considering it was an "Ask So-And-So" sort of thing, I figured I would get a decent response--well I got a response that copied and pasted the articles already on their site. =P So here we are:

The idea is that the energy from surrounding stones flows to the centre crystal, correct? Considering the idea is that grids affect what is inside them, why is a centre crystal needed? If only something like clear quartz were used to amplify the energy, I could understand it--but I have seen many used, and from what little I have found, it seems that the centre is meant to emit the energy it gathers from the others, which seems redundant if we want to place ONE thing in it to absorb the energy; so is it really needed?

For example, in distance Reiki healing, would a centre crystal be required, or could it be replaced by something representing the recipient so that the energy flows DIRECTLY to them?

Another question: what about rooms and such, when it's not possible or practical to place a crystal in the very centre of the room?

Thanks for any help, ideas, or resources. :)

07-06-2007, 19:50
Hi Somnilocus,
This may not be any help, but... almost all of the nets I have seen do not require a centre crystal - the idea being the same as yours - that the flow of the net is concentrated around the person inside it. All of the nets I use work this way and having tested them all on myself and friends, I know they work just fine! ;)

IMO, The Reiki distance healing would work much better if there was a photo or the name of the person inside the net, instead of another crystal.

You're right in saying that there is not much information available on them, although this is the most useful website I have found - http://www.crystalwellbeing.co.uk/crystalhealing/healinglayouts.php

Hope that helps!

07-06-2007, 19:59
Great, thanks! :) I'm interested in learning more about using them for Reiki, so I guess it's time to start experimenting. ;P

08-06-2007, 00:13

Here's a website about crystal grids:


She includes templates too. :)


08-06-2007, 17:45
Thanks for the link, bodhran :)

There seems to be a slight difference between Nets (or Webs) and Grids - the Nets do not require a central crystal, however some (if not all) Grids do. Grids can be placed around a person, a bed, a room or house. Healing Nets are only placed around a person.

That definition might make it easier to research!

08-06-2007, 20:31


Searching "crystal-nets" on Google seems to return barely any results at all. :( I did find one really interesting article though, by chance, so thank you for the suggestion! :D http://www.soothingminds.co.uk/PrintPage.aspx?artid=171

09-06-2007, 01:11
Oh thank you all, for the links, I've found something i did not even realize I was looking for within them.

Thank you all!