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06-06-2007, 19:44
I am wondering what a good crystal for helping with period pains (they are very severe), and how to go about using it.



06-06-2007, 20:07
Hello Ahria! :)

I'd suggest working on the Sacral Chakra as this is where the pain originates (due to blockages and imbalances). You can do this with or without crystals. If you want to use crystals, generally orange-tinted ones are used in this area. However there is one specific stone that isn't orange that is also used on this Chakra, and happens to apply to what you're looking for: Moonstone. Also a stone specific to this Chakra is Carnelian. Both stones are often used for women. Carnelian seems to be said to help with menstrual cramps specifically. You can place them on your Sacral Chakra (just above your naval) and simply allow their energy to absorb into the Chakra, visualizing it opening and clearing.

You can also use meditation (alone or while using the crystals). Generally you should go through the entire meditation, meaning each Chakra. Some people don't think it matters which Chakra you work on in which order, while others believe you should work starting from the Root Chakra upwards, and others say you should start at the Third Eye Chakra and so on. I was taught the third way for this reason: the Chakras aren't physical, so opening/unblocking the Third Eye allows us to better locate the other Chakras as well as detect imbalances.

There are many "Chakra Meditations" online, and most of them are fine--they just use different techniques. Remember that the Sacral Chakra's element is water, and you can use this in opening that Chakra... in fact it may be best to do it this way for your problem as it can be very soothing visualizing cool, crisp, clean water gently cleansing the area.

My Reiki teacher put together a video online to help Chakra healing; it spends five minutes on each Chakra, using a tone appropriate for the given Chakra (much the same as stones) as well as colour: http://www.livevideo.com/video/sammydacat/AE4CEA6470A64C87A3F97EDBE2942AF1/chakra-meditation-with-color-and-sound.aspx (if you only want to focus on the Sacral Chakra he has also uploaded "5min. Chakra Boosts" for each specific Chakra)

Also, have you spoken to your doctor? Because there are often able to effectively treat the pain (trust me ;P).

Hope you find some helpful/useful ideas; being a woman sucks sometimes eh. ;)

06-06-2007, 20:28
Thank you, my husband has gone out to get tablets, but I was trying to find something to help out with those as well. I have endometriosis which causes bad period pain and gets worse over time and painkillers stop being as effective.

I am climbing into a hot bath and going to try through a Chakra cleansing exercise I just read (from Sulis in an another thread).

I have a Carnelian that I cleansed and charged a couple days ago, funny the one stone I don't have is a Moonstone.

Thanks again for the advice.

06-06-2007, 22:31
I have a friend who carries a piece of red coral with her, and she says it works wonders. Hope you feel better soon!


08-06-2007, 01:35
I have endometriosis which causes bad period pain and gets worse over time and painkillers stop being as effective.

I am climbing into a hot bath and going to try through a Chakra cleansing exercise I just read (from Sulis in an another thread).

I have a similar problem and sadly none of my stones or crystals have helped one bit. Hot baths and yoga relieves some of the pain, however, as does heating pad and switching from Motrin to Extra Strength Tylenol. And not eating salt or sugary things up to a week before you expect your cycle to begin. Best of luck to you.

08-06-2007, 06:49
A crystal-unrelated suggestion, but have you tried EFT? It's basically "emotional acupuncture." The idea behind acupuncture is that ki, our life force energy, becomes blocked and imbalanced which leads to health problems. Well the same goes for our emotions--negative ones cause blockages... negative emotions, like anger, depression, anxiety, cause physical symptoms (or cause already existing ones to become more severe). In EFT you tap the ending points of certain meridians within the body while saying a specific affirmation (even though I have this pain, I choose to release it and allow myself to be comfortable). It has been known to have some amazing results on physical ailments...

http://youtube.com/watch?v=9nRY3UtTHvo < introduction/explanation by the man you created it

If you'd like to give it a try:

1. First you should take note of the severity of the problem/feeling/craving, because sometimes the results are subtle and it's good to be able to tell if it's working for you. You have to decide on an affirmation--it should be two parts: first part starts with "even though" and acknowledges the problem, while the second part should be positive (either "I fully and deeply love and accept myself" or for physical stuff "I chose to...") Start by either rubbing the "sore spot" (it won't "hurt" to do so, but it may feel tender due to the lymphatic congestion in this area, which should go away after a few times) or tapping the area on the very side of either hand between the knuckle and the base of the palm, while repeating the affirmation aloud three times.

2. Now tap (it's best to tap with a few fingers to make sure you hit the right spot) what's called the Gamut Point, about an inch below the centre of your pinky and ring finger knuckles. Do it with your eyes open, eyes close, looking down and hard to the right, the down to the left, then roll them clockwise, then counterclockwise, then hum a song (Happy Birthday) for a couple seconds, then count from 1 to 5 quickly, then hum the song again. I realize this sounds bizarre. ;) And you're probably wondering how it could possibly help--the idea of this part is to stimulate both sides of the brain, on their own, then together, to get them active and interacting before beginning.

3. This part you do three times: the first time, you tap the points while saying the first half of the affirmation. Second time, you say the second half. Third time, you say them all together. Make sure you breathe deeply while doing it. Also, quick note: the meridians are on either side of the body, so you can choose whichever side is easier for you, and even switch in the middle. First point: crown of your head, the very centre. Second point: inside of your eye, just below the point where your eyebrow begins. Third point: outside of your eye, near the temple. Fourth point: underneath the eye, just before the eye socket begins. Fifth point: below your nose. Sixth point: under your lips on your chin. Sixth point: the beginning of your collarbone, where it protrudes a bit. Seventh point: side of your body, a few inches below your armpit.

Now take a couple of deep breaths and determine how severe the problem is at this point. Usually you have to do a few rounds, and it's best to change the affirmation up a bit--usually it starts more general, and then becomes more specific and deeper as you go on.

Or if you'd like to try a Chakra cleansing version of EFT, this video walks you through it: http://youtube.com/watch?v=f3hy3P0W2BU

Just trying to offer some more suggestions, because I know how painful it can be. And it's worth a try--only takes a few minutes... and it's free. ;D!! Hope you find something that works for you. :)

10-06-2007, 10:14
A crystal-unrelated suggestion, but have you tried EFT? It's basically "emotional acupuncture." :)


I had some EFT done - and it worked I still have pain but its the kind of pain I can keep moving through.. EFT moved me from 100% pain to 25% pain.. and potentially if I had kept up the EFT treatments I may be OK.. but its MUCH better

As from CRYSALS I try moldavite, with limited sucess at times..

I hope you find something that works - soon


10-06-2007, 10:29

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