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15-06-2007, 00:18
Hello Moderators,

I have searched the faq and the forae seeking for help regarding pictures. I would love to post small images of the cards (permission of the publisher I do have)I talk about. As the cards could/would be stored eleswhere the traffic would not stress the forum itself. Is the code to show images "img-adress-img" activated? Or should it be done via links? Or is it against forum policy?

Best regards

15-06-2007, 01:25
Hi NoCoolName,
You can't add images directly into your posts unless you're posting in the History forums but since you are a forum subscriber you can add attachments to your posts.

When you're posting, if you scroll down a bit you will find a tag to click that says 'manage attachments'. Click that and it will allow you to upload image that folks can then click on and see.

Hope that helps a bit.