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17-06-2007, 11:47
Hi, everybody!
A couple of years ago, I bought a tiger's eye necklace and when I wore it for the first time, I really felt weird. It was late night and I was walking home with my family and I felt really tense. I don't know if "tense" is the right word so much as "aware", "angry", and oddly, "patient". But I liked the feeling, it gave me confidence I never had before. This feeling faded as I wore the necklace more. Some weeks later, I lost the necklace. When I began wearing it again, I was heading for a day at school. I didn't get the same feeling until the bus ride home. The sky began to darken and it seemed like thunder was on the way. Some weeks after that, I got the same feeling when I got off my bus and began walking home in the pitch dark. I'm really not sure what was happening.
Several months ago, I dropped the necklace(large pendant on a cord) and a piece off the end of the pendant broke off. I was really sad, but most of the pendant is intact, save for a little ragged edge. I don't get the feeling anymore, in fact I get no feelings anymore when I wear the necklace. It just feels odd and heavy and out of place. Is there anything I can do to bring the feeling back, in a positive way? Has it to do with cleansing or even the dark?

17-06-2007, 19:36
Tigers Eye:

-Protects against the 'evil eye', demons and so on
-Diverts unwanted energy
-Confuses your opposition

Healing Functions:
-Releases stuck or congested states
-Soothes both physically and mentally
-Builds confidence
-Encourages contact with other people

As you can see you have definatley experienced a few of those situations with Tigers Eye like the confidence. It may well be that it needs cleansing as all crystals absorb energies from it's surroundings and when the imbalances are corrected if it is not cleansed the poor stone will become overloaded and it reduces it's effectiveness. When you cleanse your stone it may well regain the experiences you have had with it before.

You can cleanse different stones/crystals by:
-Running it through water or leaving it in the sunlight for a little while.
-Incense smoke

I hope thats a little help

Wumpkie :D

18-06-2007, 22:43
Somehow, with all the gems, crystals, and stones I have, I've only ever broken one *KNOCK ON WOOD*. I know what you mean about it "not feeling the same." From what I've heard others say, it's pretty common. A lot of people have described them as feeling "dead." Sometimes one piece will maintain the energy while the other piece does not.

Many people feel they like to be returned to the Earth when this happens (don't assume this means burying it in your yard, though! If you are attached to it, placing it in yor garden or with a potted plant as decoration is just as well...). Of course, you can keep it, or maybe share a piece with a friend..... whatever you feel is best.

I have a huge collection of blue/golden/red/multi-coloured Tiger's Eye... if you'd like a new one, I don't mind. PM me if you'd like.

19-06-2007, 00:41
You could always look at this as a act of fate. Maybe it was Karma that it chipped and it is trying to tell you that it wants a different role, now. Can you take it off the pendant and use it as a grounding stone for meditation work and hold it in your hand or carry it in a pouch? Maybe it was tired of being some man-made pendant and wanted to show you its insides and more earthy appearance! :)

20-06-2007, 00:45
I kept my tiger's eye on my windowsil and I'm going to leave it there till the end of the week. It seems right to leave it under sunshine, rain, whatever comes. Thanks for your help, everyone!

diane drizzy
03-08-2009, 10:42
Suddenly I find myself wanting a Tiger's eye bracelet.
I had been following the tiger births at Noah's Ark Zoo and sadly 2 out of the 3 cubs didn't make it and the third is being hand reared with great caution.
I guess I'm attracted to the tiger's eye in honor of this birth and the hope that all goes well with the mother and cub, since I can see no other reason for this impulse.
Any thoughts?

07-08-2009, 02:23
I have a bracelet and a necklace that I only wear on rare occasions. The Tiger's Eye has long been my favorite stone but over time it was clear that it was not suitable for daily use. The necklace gives me an odd feeling when I wear it for too long... kind of heavy. I lost it several times, it broke once, ... Still I can't separate from it so I leave it to rest a lot.