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Red Emma
18-06-2007, 14:52
I've been kind of experimenting with crystals for a couple of years, sometimes I have quite good experiences, but, as Chronata said, it's been a mostly intellectualy pasttime.

A friend sometimes uses a crystal-Reike approach to giving me a tune-up when rust seems to cover much too many parts of my intenal anatomy. It's very effective. The crystals seem to carry the Reike treatment a step or two further.

I keep trying to work with, tune in to the crystals on my own. Now and again I have a good experience, which encourages me. The other day I bought Judy Hall's "Crystal Bible," and it's a whole new ball game. However ...

Ms. Hall seems to assume her readers know much more than I do, especially when it comes to programming.

What the heck is "programming" and how do you do it?



18-06-2007, 22:35
Programming can mean a few different things. I do not have Judy's book but I hear that her new book doesn't contain any information on it whatsoever.

Some people program their crystals to be used for certain things (sleep, love, blah blah). There are many ways to do this just as there are to cleanse and charge them. You can do it with something as simple as active visualization/intent. I don't like to program my crystals in such a way--I prefer to work with the natural energy of the crystals and let them do what they're best at.

However, my Reiki teacher taught me his own method of "preparing" crystals (cleansing/programming/charging). After cleansing them, he would "program" them, but in a slightly different sense: he would program them with the intent to heal, so, basically, he programmed them to work for the highest good and do no harm. This is useful if you use your crystals for healing, and still allows the crystals to work in their own way rather than "forcing."

He posted two videos recently on the entire process, I believe he talks about programming in the... second video (not the cleansing one). If you'd like to see... livevideo.com/sammydacat

Red Emma
20-06-2007, 04:04
Thanks for your reply. I like both your own approach as well as your instructor's. That's an idea I wouldn't have thought of.

The thing is, it's the 'how to' which stymies me. I suspect that if there are several ways to program, it'd be much too time consuming to list them here. But since I have no idea howsoever to do it, I wonder if there's a web site somewhere that I can find an overview of the various methods?

20-06-2007, 04:24
I'm sure you can find some info if you Google "programming crystals". Intent is key, though.

I really don't like programming them in any way other than what I mentioned. First, it limits the crystal's uses to a certain thing, whereas, the crystal on its own has potential to assist in many areas. Secondly, each crystal has its own energy for us to work with... why try to limit its energy to one single thing, or to make it do something it can't naturally do? This is just my opinion...

To program it for "healing" or to work for only the highest good (par example: clear quartz is said to amplify other energies--well, it doesn't differentiate between what we consider "positive" and "negative" energy), you could meditate with it in your hands with that specific intent, or, as Brett suggested, do Metta meditation and let the Metta energy flow into the crystal. You could visualize the words melting into the crystal and becoming part of it. In Brett's technique, you wrap the crystal(s) in a piece of paper with the words ("healing," "only work for the highest good," "always connected to the energy"--whatever you like) on it, tying it with a string. If you know Reiki, you can add CKR to it. Then place your hands around it and let the energy flow (Reiki if you know it, your own energy... whatever you use), imaging the words/symbols becoming part of the crystal. This will also charge the crystal.

But again, intent is the most important. You can create your own way/ritual if you prefer! :) There really are an unlimited number of possible ways you could do this.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post: Brett taught me a really interesting method that he came up with that's part of, what he calls, the "Reiki Wrap" which is for charging/programming crystals.. It's in the video on that site. So, as I said, you can program them for certain intents or just "healing" in general--however, if you know Reiki, you can use SHK symbol to program it with the intent of having the crystal constantly connected to the Reiki energy thereby constantly charging it.

You can also program them to have their energy available under circumstances or whenever it's needed etc.

Red Emma
24-06-2007, 09:46
Thank you very much, Somnilocus.

Google brought me some very useful information. As a result, I've worked quite successfully with both zincite and amethyst...quite an exciting experience for me. I keep forgetting how much can be found on the Net.