View Full Version : reading request: bad shopping karma

30-06-2007, 08:11
I am relatively ignorant of Astrology, except for a passing aquaintance with the newspaper sun signs, and I have had my chart drawn up once.

I'm having something of a 'mercury retrograde - still!' few months. Everything I buy breaks, is already broken, doesn't work (ie a keyboard incompatible with my PDA) - buttons come off, undrinkable coffee, a spinach pastry with glass or sand in it. And the rest of the time, I can't find what I want - like the right guage knitting needles.

So I'm wondering if this is to do with a particular planetary trend at the moment or something. Or is the universe just trying to tell me to stop shopping!?

Feel free to give general comments on the thread, and PM me if you'd like my birthdate/place information. I'll be happy to give a card reading in exchange, though I can only do this for one respondent as I'm rather snowed under. I have several decks which have astrological correspondences.

edited to add: I'm dead serious about this, by the way. You'll note from my post count that I'm a longtime member here, just haven't been around lately. And I'm serious about the shopping karma. It is getting ridiculous. I have a large purchase to make and I'm afraid I'll be stuck with yet another lemon!