View Full Version : july 4th, 2007

04-07-2007, 14:05
Well, its the Independence day for the United States of America, Not only is this a solar return for the land of Jackalopes, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the San Francisco Bridge, and Disney World (and Mt. Kissime St. Cloud), the moon has transited over the natal moon of the Untied States declaration of Independence.

Mercury is retrograde, like the natal chart, pluto is retrograde like the natal chart, and mercury is transiting over the natal position of the United States Venus in early Cancer. This is an emotional and security oriented independence day, we feel as if we have been forced to grow up in the timespan of a lightning bolt, and then regress into childhood again with a new view of things around us.

that bolt of awareness might come out of the blue though, the moon moves through Aquarius and into Pisces as day life of the the east coast wakes up to the dawning of a midweek holiday. Some people will be celebrating at the end of their holiday, others at the beginning, and still there are those who have the entire week off, mercury retrograde at work here, and those at work will be moving along at a pace comfortable with the flow that the moon appreciates, although there are a lot of strange vibes in the air, we may be easily distracted by the morning reality as Venus and Saturn will be trailing the Sun's rising tour de force of power and authority, bringing forth a respect and admiration for the proper method of doing things.