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08-07-2007, 20:16
I've just stated putting a stone tarot together (From crystal, gem and Metal magic by scott cunningham) and though it would be nice to share. Its only the major arcana but i love the idea anyway.

Here are the correspondances:

0-The Fool-Agate
*Got this one (using blue lace agate)*
1-The Shaman (Magician)-Quartz Crystal
*Got this one*
2-The High Priestess-Emerald/Pearl

3-The Goddess (Empress)-Peridot/Olivine/Turquoise
*Got this one (i'm using Peridot)*
4-The God (Emperor)-Ruby
*Got this one*
5-The Chief (Hierophant)-Topaz

6-The Lovers-Rose Quartz
*Got this one*
7-The Elements (The Chariot)-Staurolite/Cross stone/twinned crystal
*Got this one (i'm using a cross stone)
8-Strength-Diamond/Herkimer Diamond/Garnet
*Got this one (I'm using Garnet)*
9-The Wise Elder (Hermit)-Sapphire/Blue Tourmaline

10-The Spiral (wheel of Fortune)-Sardonyx/Black Opal

*Got this one*
12-Initiation (Hanged Man)-Beryl/Aquamarine

13-Change (Death)-Amber

*Got this one*
15-Folly (devil)-Black Diamond/Black Tourmaline/Any Square Black Stone
*Got this one (i'm using Black Tourmaline)*
16-Force (Tower)-Lodestone/Lava

17-The Star-Meteorite/Any star stone

18-The Monn-Moonstone/Chalcedony
*Got this one (i'm using moonstone)
19-The Sun -Tiger's eye/Sunstone
*Got this one (i'm using tiger's eye)*
20-Rebirth (Judgement)-Fossil

21-The Universe-Opal/Kunzite
*Got this one (i'm using Kunzite)*

How do these look to you? I'm interested in your opinions, please let me know what you think.

Love & Blessings

09-07-2007, 08:34
I'm a real fan of Cunningham's work and like your list. Someone posted another list a few weeks ago and you might want to find it for comparison. It was also a good list, imo.

09-07-2007, 18:25
Thanks for letting me know, I'll definately see if i can find it later.

09-07-2007, 19:17
"17-The Star-Meteorite/Any star stone"

Do you think that using star sapphire would work? As I have such a beautiful piece and I've been trying to find a use for this crystal.

09-07-2007, 19:29
I would have thought star sapphire would work just fine, as long as you aren't using sapphire for any other place.

There are some substitutions in his book that i could post if you like. :)

10-07-2007, 17:25
that would be helpful, please. :)

10-07-2007, 18:10
This is the full substitution list from the book:

Amazonite: Aventurine
Aquamarine: Beryl/Emerald
Aventurine: Amazonite
Beryl: Aquamarine/Emerald
Carnelian: Coral/Red Jasper/Sard
Cat's Eye: Tiger's Eye
Chrysocolla: Turquoise
Citrine: Topaz
Coral: Carnelian/Red Jasper
Cross Stone: Staurolite
Diamond: Herkimer Diamond/Quartz Crystal/Zircon
Emerald: Aquamarine/Beryl/Green Tourmaline/Peridot
Garnet: Red Tourmaline/Ruby
Jade: Green Jasper/Green Tourmaline
Jasper, Green: Jade
Jasper, Red: Carnelian
Jet: Obsidian
Kunzite: Pink Tourmaline
Lapis Lazuli: Sodalite
Moonstone: Mother of Pearl
Olivine: Green tourmaline/Peridot
Pearl: Moonstone/Mother of Pearl
Peridot: Green Tourmaline, Olivine
Ruby: Garnet/Red tourmaline
Sapphire: Amethyst/Blue tourmaline/Blue Zircon
Sard: Carnelian
Sodalite: Lapis Lazuli
Staurolite: Cross stone
Sugilite: Cross Stone
Sunstone: Carnelian
Tiger's Eye: Cat's Eye
Topaz: Citrine/Yellow tourmaline
Tourmaline, Blue: Blue zircon
Tourmaline, Green: Olivine Peridot
Tourmaline, Red: Garnet/Ruby
Turquoise: Chrysocolla

Not all of these relate to the stone tarot but i thought they might be useful to someone in some way.

10-07-2007, 18:53
Excellent, thank you very much :)

10-07-2007, 20:50
Thank you for the post. I am enjoying working through the tarot with these crystals - I do love the book - crystal, gem and Metal magic by scott cunningham

I have a 'similar' list for Astrology - 360 crystals one for each degree of the zodiac...

PM me if anyone is interested in more details..