View Full Version : a long journey ending with venus retrograde

31-07-2007, 04:59
I will be in an apartment now, for the itme being ther eis no internet access, this comes at a time in which i have noticed a lot of people moving, and fully out of mercury retrograde and the shadow thereafter, venus is keeping us all busy with new endevours. take what you need, later get what you want.

August 4th, mercury enters leo--leadership speaks, it's a cascade effect.
6th, saturn trine pluto--change is in the air, pluto chills the waters, saturn creates steam, it's a foggy sitution with limited visibility.
8th, venus retrograde returns to leo, restoration, and capability returned to where it belongs

the new moon in leo on the 12th sets everything up for a shift to virgo on the 19th throughte 23rd (mercury and the sun), basicially a wide set of conjunction between, Venus, teh sun, saturn, and mercury--blindsidness is a problem.

18-09-2007, 08:47
somehow in this process my tarot cards have vanished, along with an id card, so please send your best energies for retrieval, especially since Venus is direct.

Likewise Saturn is transiting my ascendant so I think that this has to do with my ability to persevere as a solitary techno-pagan in the first world of human decency and religious tolerance. asteroid wise, Hidalgo is charging me with scorpio energy meaning that abuse of my tolerance will result in the ending of my tolerance.

18-09-2007, 23:32
My best wishes for the safe return of your tarot cards to you! :) Why do things seem to disappear in a move? I once lost a shoebox of letters, some from my Grandad, who has passed, and I still don't understand how. :( I really hope your things find their way to you!

07-10-2007, 03:33
well, both the DOT and the SSA have not given any response, it looks as if i have entered a complicated area of this state/district of the United States government, where I won't have my identity realized, and further more my rightful access to my tarot cards denied.

at the same time the Masons have arrived in town (capricorn), people who mirror other people are around (gemini), and everything that has come into being has made me question if I should actually just dissapear and not even try to figure this out. This does in fact look like the developing world the more and more I look at it.

Mars has entered Cancer, so I hope some realization of how undeveloped this looks does get across to someone and gets something done with this on a National level, thievery is not acceptable by any means.

The New Moon in Libra opens up some new avenues, but in the end, this is a level of secrecy and keeping me out of the loop that seems illegal from a Federal Point of View, it's my life and that indicates libel and slander if this informaiton is used to keep my from achieving.

The nature of the VOID statement is of course different from the V.O.I.D. variant, and of coure the VOID statement is made of dots insituted from teh D.O.T., the dots would be official and implemented by the official hole punch by an official (of the WYODOT).

Finally, mercury is nearing a retrograde in deep penetrating scorpio, all the more quickly too, and returning near Libra, the mercury retrograde will cross the path of this new moon, strong feelings and interconnected situations are coming into light like a flashlight through the VOID statement, perhaps representing the official uninvolvment in the United States America (not "of America") authority, as that court would probably only serve to prove that the United States of America has become of the United States (and perhaps of the United States District Court).

All during the Halloween, All souls day, all saints day, ramadan, and other universal breaking down of the barriers of one world and the other, and our influences in both. I will probably be focusing on some quartz-crystal items, (how valuable is titanium, and what is Crowleys Chariot all about) for now (getting back to the first thing). Seeing as my tarot computer program actually went missing as well, i am wondering how maniacal this agenda is.

in the background the rulers of teh new age and the pisces age are in eachothers signs, painfully tugging on oneanother with dark and light situaitons, meanwhile certain spiders and acting odd, I want them under control, the additional tendrils seem out of natures intended survival.

Now some 13's have appeared in my current situation with my residence, and one that is unintended to say the very least, I wasn't expecting the term "The Original Town of the City of Scottsbluff" to appear, all the more worthwhile when its the 13th block. Now back to the national state (being the government of the United States)issue, Capricorn has appeared in my readings I have had been able to do, but i miss the different viewpoints, and teh karma of doing this, I can't imagine the Chaos coming into being around how orderly the bag actaully is.

08-10-2007, 02:15
venus retrograde i had no idea it would bring up old stuff for me which it seems it has done

i went over old ground with an ex online friend
omg i could have done without it but things have settled now and sorted the path between my NEW online friend and sorting out the past
im looking forward to venus being forward again and in my rising sign of virgo too cos i always look great when that happens:D

12-10-2007, 08:45
Venus is in that illfated conjunction to Saturn, what fun, keep teh mindset on teh challanges that are ahead, not behind. I may have to obtain a different copy of the Thoth, and the Tarot nova, and the celtic dragon, that one has my blood on it by accident, the chaos from that isn't desirable. The laws of the national state of teh United States does not allow for thievery, who ever did this was a fool

16-10-2007, 08:22
speaking of spiders, a reminder of the gold and blue of the shapeshifter tarot and its the use of the Spider Woman on the Star (indicating the rule of government unless it is officially stated as overthrown) a strange spider has appeared, it seems to be large with a very visible eye cluster, further more the eyes turned blue when I shocked him/her, is it trying to mate with me, and is it a result of forced inbreeding and mutation due to the nature of being near electric fields. There is also a tree growing outside my home, it seems to be reaching in all directions, including towards me, it is a federal tree, with federal leaves.

Mercury is slow right now, but i am lighting fast, energy is abound, and Jupiter is pushing plutos darkness, and asteroid chao is right in between it all, chaos come to even teh youngest and their lifestyles will be eliminated if nessacary. asteroid Nebraska is in Leo, this is a realistic check on what the State of Nebraska represents to people, and how much of the United States it really is.