View Full Version : August 2007, Gemini enforced

07-08-2007, 01:25
August 6, 2007

Late this Monday evening across america, and early morning further east of the Atlantic, the moon will enter Gemini, and only hours after during the day after-tuesday-mars will enter Gemini, this energetic combination will tip over as venus retrograde squares mars. Mars is pushy, Venus is fluid and will readjust her weight, but retrograde venus will push back, although Mars is in his rights, the moon is deceptive and blocks direct mars energy from taking place--it does not last long.

The moon will be in intellectual gemini until wensday/thursday and will finally be in leo for the weekend hours resulting in a very powerful new moon. Change is in teh air, and Karma is flowing through the cracks, shield yourself from others unwarranted attacks, you will have enought to deal with on your own. Saturn is still in leo thus adding to the frustration of leadership.