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East of Eden
10-08-2007, 23:18

I have no idea anything about Astrology, I try to read my Horoscope every day... some days it's right on the money and others... it's not.

I was wondering who are we compatable with? We Tauruses can't be that bad that we aren't meant for anyone....

10-08-2007, 23:43
Taurus' are compatible with a lot of people:). My brother who is a Gemini is married to a Taurus and he and his wife get along great. A good friend of mine on AT is also married to a Taurus who seems to treat her like a Queen (lucky lady:D), but I forgot what her sign is. Also, I'm a Scorpio and am highly fascinated with a Taurus but our stubborn wills are getting in the way (okay maybe that's not a good example:P), but you get my drift. Personally, I think your personality will have to match moreso than your signs. Just my 2 cents or rather 7 cents (inflation:D)

11-08-2007, 00:05
I'm a Pisces and I'd take a Taurus if they came along.

(Actually, one did about 2 years ago, and proposed, however, he hasn't been back. Not sure what to think of that, other than he's in no big hurry. To be quite truthful, his proposal went something like this. = "When I find myself single again, you wanna get hitched?" {He's not married, just living with someone.} ) However, I am not wilting away waiting for him.

Virgo's though they are wonderful can sometimes be way to picky and fickle. Some of them are just to much of a mamma's boy. {Too much time wasted here on "Promises are meant to be broken."}

Scorpio's can be incredibly intense, though, sometimes they have a hard time fathoming me. {These guys are like having my own mind to read and it freaks them out, or the one's I've known were, when I let them know I know what they are thinking. One of them, I could actually hear in my head...}

Leo's are great, but some of them are way to loud, and hurt my ears, which makes it hard for me to get past their volume. {Good Hearted fellow, just way to loud and too much a love for the drink. Which I can't handle. A little is ok, but a case a day, Nope that won't work with me...}

I don't know if that helped at all, with the exception of letting you know that Pisces are pretty easy to get along with, or some of them are. We all have our individual quirks, as well as the influence of the way we were raised.

My uncle is a Taurus, his wife is an Aquarius, they get along fine.

Of course, you must understand other than being totally different individuals, there is a difference even between a Taurus male and a Taurus female, just like all the other signs...

BTW, what is your sun sign?
You can go to astro.com and fill in your info and it will give you a chart, then you can compare charts of those you know by filling in their info.

11-08-2007, 00:53
I'm a Cancer and my husband's a typical Taurus. Yes it drives me mad when he's in a stubborn mood . . . but he's solid as a rock and I know I can depend on him when it matters. There's a lovely line from a serial that was on TV some years back, The Beidebeck Affair, in which one of the characters says of her partner "Half the time he drives me mad, the other half he keeps me sane". I reckon he may have been a Taurus - and to my way of thinking the benefits of living with a Taurus make it worth being driven mad occasionally.

East of Eden
11-08-2007, 00:56
What about Sagittarius?

Oh and I'm going to check out that site and will let you know what my sun sign is... :)

11-08-2007, 00:59
If you got to astro.com and put in your data (you will need your time & place of birth) you can get your natal chart done. Then check out your 7th house and see what sign that comes under for a good match (supposedly).

My best mate is a Capricorn and her hubby is a Taurus. My Aries/Taurus cusp mate is also married to a Taurus.

11-08-2007, 01:12
Then check out your 7th house and see what sign that comes under for a good match (supposedly).
Oh huredriel, I didn't know that, got to check my 7th house now...

Mercury between Aries and Pisces.

The Aries guy I've known was a bit to forceful and pig headed, everything had to be his way, no discussion, just do it.

Pisces, although romantically nice, just a bit to wimpy for me. Immature.

East of Eden
11-08-2007, 01:14
Sunsign is a Taurus

11-08-2007, 03:18
Don't go by the newspaper--its trash. (My opinion)

I've noticed something funny about signs and relationships, for me anyway. I always find people that are earth signs and I think it's because I need the qualities they have inherit. Basically, more fire for me would probably be a bad idea.

Someone mentioned scorpio--the exact opposite of taurus (on the zodiac wheel). People involved with their opposite sign in anyway either hate 'em or love 'em. Hard to have a gray area with someone so...contrasting.

But don't go by sun alone--I think moon and venus would be more important, and their angles.

11-08-2007, 03:36
I'm a Taurus married to a Taurus. We get along great, almost 30 years now, although sometimes we get in the "whatcha wanna do?" "I dunno, what you wanna do?" "I dunno... whatcha wanna do..." You get the idea.

The most volatile relationships I've had were with Scorpios. Ironically, or maybe not, I have my moon in Scorpio and Scorpio ascending as well.


15-08-2007, 17:17
I'm a little late here but I'm a Taurus and my mate is a Libra. He's actually the only Libra that I ever dated and they are great marriage material. I like them, so balanced and accommodating! And not overly emotional. Of course, like any man they need some training but not much. :)

Sags are good matches too. I've always heard Scorpios are good for us, but good grief! I can't stand them in a romantic way. I also run from Leos now. Too much of them and their hair and not enough of me!!

Proud to be a Taurus in every sense of the sign. :D

15-08-2007, 20:37
I am a Taurus, and some how I seem to be surrounded by Cancers. I don't always get along with them, on the contrary (no offense Cancers!!!) but I can't get a way from them. My mother, my two roommates, my ex... the list just goes on and on...

16-08-2007, 00:38
Sadly there's no easy guide to compatibility.

In looking at relationships the first issue is what sort of relationship are we talking about - factors that make a good business partner are different from what makes a good friend or a good spouse.

Taking a romantic relationship, your Sun, Moon, Ascendant. Venus, Mars, fifth house ruler and seventh house ruler are all important and the same holds for your partner. In a comparison of charts we would look not only for aspects between the planets of both charts but also where in your partner's chart your planets lie. For example, if your Sun lies in your partner's fifth House this is one indication of a possible romantic attraction. If both partners have their Sun's in the other's fifth House then this is a stronger indication of romantic attraction.

However attraction is not enough to sustain relationships, so you might look for other factors suggesting mutual interests or a mutual approach to life.

For those who are interested in digging deeper there's a good book 'Astrology of Human Relationships: Techniques for Guiding or Evaluating Your Personal, Social and Business Relationships' by Frances Sakoian and Louise Acker.

16-08-2007, 14:48
Sun signs are basically for fun and have no real meaning outside the newspaper columns, you cannot judge compatibility based solely on a sun sign, real astrology just does not work that way.

Compatibility charts are very detailed, quite complicated and just about impossible for a beginner in astrology to make head or tails of. So, if you are a beginner, you need to seek professional advice, that's if you really want to know.