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23-02-2002, 10:03
Hi there,
Is anybody here interested in discussing Vedic Astrology?


23-02-2002, 20:31
What do you mean with Vedic Astrology?

I know a little bit abour the RG-Veda, the "Veda of Creation" or something similar... where all the genesis of the cosmos and the deities is explained... - a cosmogony, in brief.
I'm so lazy, I have not time to have a search... would you mind giving me some hints and further infos? I'd appreciate it a lot. :)

23-02-2002, 21:37
I tend to not study anything where I can't pronounce the words, lol. Some of the words are about 40 letters long.

Actually, I've taken a few classes in Vedic, but never developed an interest. Although I know my dahsas (sp?), that's about it. BTW, I'm under a Venus/Venus/somthing?

Pollux, Vedic astrology utilizes the sidereal zodical while we use the tropical zodiac. The two have different dates for the Sun signs. There are many other differences between the two and from what I understand, Vedic is more reliable for predictive work.


25-02-2002, 13:33
Can you tell me more about this? I've never heard of it.



26-02-2002, 02:19
Vedic Astrology is orginated from india. It is more acurate then Western astrology (that is what most of the Astrologer claim), because it has lots of calculation. Like in western astrology, there are 12 houses, in Vedic astrology too there are 12 houses and each sign is occupied by the particular house. Vedic astrology is based on more of system approach.
If your are interested here is the site for more information:

Right now I am studying this book (mentioned in above site) and is very interesting. There is also
free software available (from the same site) for making vedic horoscope.