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13-08-2007, 05:55
Okay, so I'm pretty new to crystals and have been reading up on cleansing and programming. I've read some conflicting things. One books said that all crystals had to be programmed for the purpose you wanted to use them for, and that each crystal shouldn't be used for more than one purpose (that is, if you use it for meditation, you shouldn't use it for healing as well. This doesn't fully make sense to me, because it seems to me that a lot of uses are interconnected. Like, you might meditate during crystal healing. Thoughts?). Another book said that only clear quartz needs to be programmed. Needless to say, I'm a little confused and hesitant to do anything with my crystals until I figure this out. Also, can crystals be reprogrammed?

Thanks so much!

14-08-2007, 13:05
Programming is a technique to use if you want your stone to have a specific purpose. As an example, say you'd like to get a better job. Program your stone for that and then keep it near you.

I don't program my stones at all because I want to use their innate abilities. With this approach you need a fairly large collection of stones for different situations. My own personal belief is that unprogrammed stones are much more powerful. But that's just me and I'm sure many would disagree. I am VERY careful to keep my collection of stones clear of any metaphysical influences. Did this approach work? Well, I retired at 55 and now live in my dream house, so I'd say it worked. One of the reasons I keep my stones unprogrammed is that I use them in healing.

Clear quartz crystal is probably the best stone to program since it's good for virtually any purpose in it's natural state. But in the example of wanting to find a better job, my approach would be to suggest getting a green stone like amazonite, aventurine, etc. I truely believe the appropriate stones will do much better than a programmed substitute. Sorry... just my 2 cents.

17-08-2007, 21:26
I think you should perhaps go with your instincts and use your crystals in whatever way you wish.

I decided a while ago not to program my crystals. If Im not sure which crystal to use I look at them all and see what Im drawn to at that time. Then I know that it is the best crystal to work with at that particular time.