View Full Version : 6-Pointed Star or Grand Hexagram

15-08-2007, 04:57
I recently had an astrological chart reading by a professional (he's excellent), and he told me I have a rare formation in my chart called a "6-pointed star" which I've Googled to find is also called a Grand Hexagram.

Can someone tell me more about this? My astrologer told me some things, but we ran out of time...



16-08-2007, 00:12
This would draw out a pattern similar to a Star of David. In effect you have a two Grand Trines at 180 degrees to each other, giving the six points in either Fire and Air signs or Earth and Water signs.

Trines bring stability and ease of doing things, helpful to success but if you find success comes to easy it may be that you don't try hard and the talent is wasted.

It's difficult to be more precise without knowing the chart - signs and house position are going to be important, as would any aspects from planets not in the Grand Hexagram. The constituent planets will also make a difference in importance. The pattern would be stronger if the planets were Jupiter inwards or even six out of the original seven. The outer planets are less specific to you and more specific to your generation, so if you have the three outer planets in the pattern then I would expect the personal significance to be weaker.

16-08-2007, 14:35
All those sextiles and trines tend to make things in life too easy for you, a chart like this would suggest that you don't exert yourself because there is no need to. There is no need to put your brain into high gear as you achieve what you want by sleep walking through life. There are no real challenges out there for you, so you tend to become lazy with your brain and talents. Your life is in constant autopilot. The more hard aspects that you have the more life challenges you to use your brain and talents, it tests you, sets you up to strive to achieve something, but not once but all the time, your chart is lacking in this quality to strive, to achieve the impossible.