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19-08-2007, 12:49
Hi, I've recently purchased some gemstone donuts for different health reasons.
And I have silk cord.
I've tried making a belt to wear and have been wearing it for about a week now I suppose.

What I'm wondering is...
Can anyone tell me a sure fire way to tie these on and hook the belt so it doesn't come loose thereby taking a chance of losing the gemstones?

It came untied the other evening, but luckily, the gemstone donuts stayed next to my skin inside my clothing.

Any ideas or web site directions would be most welcome.

Also, would it be best to sew the ends of the belt together, rather than tying them so as not to come loose?


19-08-2007, 12:56
I think you might have to get some separate metal attachments for the donuts and then knot the cord around each one so they can't move . Or string each donut on the cord and knot it at the top before adding the next to make sure they can't move .Both of those options would need a longer cord . You might also try suede or leather (or faux subsititutes ) which are less slippery than silk might be . They would hold knots better .

19-08-2007, 15:11
Hi floracove :D

How much silk cord do you have? If you have enough, this is a way to make a belt with your donuts thats simple.

You could make a plaited belt with a loop at one end and a tassle at the other which gets threaded through it to hold it around your waist ...

You need:
3 strands of cord (2 x 1 and a half times around your waist in length, and 1 cord a bit longer still) ... 3 different colour cords look good together too.
needle and cotton -
some extra beads for the tassle end

First put the donuts onto the cord.
Measure enough cord so as it goes around your waist with 6 - inches to spare at the beginning - and about 15 inches to spare at the end.

Start putting the donuts on about 8 inches from one end - the extra cord will be doubled back to form the belt loop. Stop putting the donuts on when they reach around your waist. The extra length at the end wil be used to tie a knot and be made into a tassle.

Putting the donuts on the single cord ...

On a length of single cord you could fold the cord so it forms a u shape. Poke the u-shape through the hole in the donut, and then thread the cord ends through the U-shape loop that is poking throught the donut hole - that will secure the donut with a v-shaped flat knot.

Do this with all the donuts - so that you have a line of donuts spaced out over the length of the cord.

Now measure and cut 2 more lengths of cord which are as long as the cord with the donusts strung to it.

Grab the cords together at one end evenly.

Secure the cord ends in a vice - a stationary clip - anything that will hold the 3 ends together.

You can secure this to a chair top or small door handle so its easier to plait.

Start to plait the cord.

When you have finished the plait at the length you want, tie one big knot with the 3 chord ends. There will be some long cord left over.

At the end you started the plait ... where the clip is
Loop this back and attatch it to the plait before the first donut - you can it them in place easily by threading through the 3 cords a few times and then wrapping the thread around the plait tightly - securing at intervals with a stitch.

You should now have a plaited chord with donuts strung along it with a 3 cord tassle at on end and a loop at the other.

The tassle end you can add more beads and knot the cord at the ends of each - so that the tassle hangs heavier.

To wear - wrap around your waist and put the tassle end through the loop. If you wanted to, you could secure it with a single wrap knot so that the tassle doesnt slide out of the loop and hangs nicely.


Hope this helps

Blessings Elven x

19-08-2007, 15:44
Thank you Dark Inquisitor.

I decided on silk as it is silky in movement.

Elven, I have 15 yards of one color and 5 yards of another color, so there is plenty to make the belt.

What I did was just use a single line of cord. With three gemstone donuts tied in the back and on each side. These I fastened with a v-shaped flat knot each.

The other two, I just wanted included on the belt for other reasons, and they move freely between the front side of the belt.

I had thought about braiding, as well, but wasn't to keen on a belt of width.

Thank you very much for the directions they have come in most handy.