View Full Version : Ven rx....blahs?

22-08-2007, 14:38
Hi there...anyone else feeling that things are kind of dragging or blaaahh...ho hum?. Well, ok so I have transiting Sun/Sat/Venus squaring my Sun/mer..and opp my natal sat..so I guess thats as much blah as one can get??. I've got some $ owed to me track down...I guess its better to tackle that after the venus rx ;). So how about y'all ...hows Ven rx treating you?.

22-08-2007, 17:34
I find the transits of Venus to be quite weak in affect and as for the retrograde, yes things to do with love, beauty and finances can drag or be troublesome, but badly afflicted Venus warns one not to make unwise purchases and therefore not to be extravagant and wasteful. So, I think it would be fine to go track down the money owed to you and to do it now, in this way you are avoiding extravagance and potential wastefulness. You are reclaiming not spending, don't forget.

23-08-2007, 11:46
I've been in a fog for the past couple days, but the weather's been horrible. Cloudy and rainy, fall's coming, it's getting me down.

Briar Rose
23-08-2007, 12:15
Yeah, me too. I feel the same way. I have a bad case of the flu, too.

It's rainly here on the east Coast of the States because of the Hurricane in the Yucatan.

I don't mind feeling bored or bland. That just tells me things are going good, no upsets.

I usually create my excitement by doing art, or reading my cards, or hanging out on AT for a while.

Free Flight
24-08-2007, 13:46
I am feeling the reversal of venus in a big way

it is a tough slog for this old taurus

24-08-2007, 13:53
I feel the ve rx extremely, and can't wait for her to go back to normal again.

Seems to me, everyone I usually have open and heartfeld relationsips with are all withdrawn and working within these days. On the other hand, people that usally are not all that heartfeld and sensitive, seems to be more open and at ease. to me its all turned up side down. I'd take a mercery rx anytime over a venus rx, thank you!!