View Full Version : Phrenite.. does anyone know ?

24-08-2007, 08:27
I found this lovely specimen on Ebay. It is Phrenite and is a pale green color. Does anyone know the metaphysical influence of this stone ?

Is that the right way to say it >

24-08-2007, 09:25
My book spells it PREHNITE.

I have many pieces of this it's my favorite tarot stone...I keep it with my cards, it is supposed to increase prophetic abilities.

Also known as the healers healer...
Use when you are trying to connect to the archangel Raphael.

In Fung Shui it is used as a stone for decluttering.
Good stone for the garden too.
Can be used for "gridding" as it calms and protects your enviroment.

Psychologically it helps with nightmares, phobias, deep fears and for hyperactive children and the underlying cause.

Body wise it is good for kidneys, bladder, thymus glands, shoulders, chest and lungs.
Gout, blood disorders, repairs connective tissue and stabilizes malignancy.

And that is just a little about it..very good stone to have...I'm glad you found a nice piece. :)

24-08-2007, 11:21
That is really interesting Lark. I might bid on it or look around a bit to see. I thought it was so pretty and I loved the green color.

I corrected my spelling and thank you. Sometimes I do not see too well or it may have been... I just didn't know how to spell it !!!!!

All the things it is accredited with.. I need ! So I will get a piece for sure. It sounds very exciting to have in my collection. I will let you know when I do.

24-08-2007, 11:32
Is the one on Ebay raw or tumbled?

24-08-2007, 14:34
It was raw and looked quite large. It is coming from China. The bid is very low but they want $25 for postage so I wrote a letter. I am not paying 3 or 4 or maybe more and then adding all that postage. There must be a cheaper way to receive it.

Also from what I read they acted as if it only came from China and that is not true since I found it on several websites so not sure I will be buying that one or another but I did like the large size of the specimen.

24-08-2007, 23:08
I was just wondering ..I have both kinds the tumbled are very beautiful too.
I have a large raw piece I bought at a mineral store here, I paid about $20.00 for it.
They also come from Africa, Australia, China, Scotland and even New Jersey!

24-08-2007, 23:15
Thanks for telling me Lark. I am going to look around a bit and check out some stores here. We have one nice one I know abut and while they are expensive they have nice crystals. Also I might buy a piece of jewelery instead.

I would like to hold one and see, you know how it is.

24-08-2007, 23:23
I think if I were to pick a motto for Prehnite it would be that it "brings
joy to the heart and peace to the mind."
Funny you said you might get a piece of jewelry instead...I'm going to the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Chicago this weekend and that's exactly what I'm looking for, a piece of Prehnite jewelry! :)
Along with whatever else catches my fancy...})

27-08-2007, 01:03
Our show here is in November and I missed it last year but will not this year !
Lots of luck in your search.