View Full Version : SG: Jade

24-10-2002, 22:23
Now what do you think about this mineral? I use it for money spells (often combined with green aventurine) or luck spells but also when I want to contact the fairy world or for healing purposes.

25-10-2002, 09:31
I keep a jade stone on me at all times at school, as it it a good gem to focus a person's mind. It works well for me in Calculus.

It also helps with memory.

27-10-2002, 19:24
I find that jade doesn't draw me... I find hemitite and I had a large clear quarts crystal appear from nowhere... I have no idea how it got there...

... another interesting (thing?) that happened... for about 23 years ago I lost my grandfather (my very best friend) and 5 years ago my father. Everytime I went to a psycic fair, they would say either I was in great pain or I was in mourining.
At a junk shop, I was really drawn to this ring, so I bought it for real cheap. It turns out to be a Victorian mourning ring. I really feel it was sent to me so that I can get over my loss.

16-03-2003, 23:19
Jade is for blessing, luck, ward off spirits and demons. It also make a people feel relaxing and stop stomach upset.