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25-10-2002, 06:53
Due to the announcement that Thailand no longer is declared a safe country, I've looked up my transits for the period I was supposed to go there. Can any of you 'see' anything special from this, in relation to the period 4th of February to the 1st of May? Can you for instance see a travel, or some other major events? I really appreciate you help! Here is the chart:

Planetary positions
planet sign degree house motion
Sun Virgo 1654'14 09/10 direct
Moon Virgo 1719'26 09/10 direct
Mercury Virgo 2856'23 10 direct
Venus Leo 0147'38 08 direct
Mars Scorpio 0722'32 12/1 direct
Jupiter Virgo 1953'57 10 direct
Saturn Virgo 2831'06 10 direct
Uranus Scorpio 2212'50 01 direct
Neptune Sagittarius 1955'22 01 direct
Pluto Libra 2020'39 11/12 direct
True Node Leo 2007'11 09 retrograde

House positions (Placidus)
Ascendant Scorpio 0915'39
2nd House Sagittarius 2208'52
3rd House Aquarius 0502'05
Imum Coeli Pisces 1755'18
5th House Aries 0502'05
6th House Aries 2208'52
Descendant Taurus 0915'39
8th House Gemini 2208'52
9th House Leo 0502'05
Medium Coeli Virgo 1755'18
11th House Libra 0502'05
12th House Libra 2208'52

Saturn square Saturn, 1 Oct - 23 Nov
Saturn square Mercury, 1 Oct - 17 Nov
Neptune square Mars, 1 Oct - 15 Nov
Pluto square Sun, 27 Oct - 22 Dec
Pluto square Moon, 9 Nov - 2 Jan
Pluto square Jupiter, 19 Jan - 1 April


25-10-2002, 07:02

Please post your own natal details or I find it easier to work with the chart as a diagram - also the calculations become easier and I can check the planets you don't mention.

I'll see what I can do


25-10-2002, 20:29
Hi you, and thanx for helping. :*
I've pm you my details.


25-10-2002, 20:54
I'll do what I can - but again this is an area where I'm still learning - I welcome the opportunity to try though :)

Best wishes