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24-09-2007, 14:05
A message from Lynda Hill

Saturn, the planet of restrictions, limitations, boundaries, grief, isolation, as well as rewards for hard work, permanence, durability and those things you know to be real, sometimes all too real, is right now on the degree that Venus went retrograde - Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection.

Saturn has been tracing the steps that Venus took up until her apparent about-turn. He's showing us the real meaning of commitment, hard work, relationships and boundaries and we're going to have to take notice, at least in some measure, in order to be able to pass the tests that Saturn has in store for us. Venus may have laid the groundwork by easing the way for Saturn in some measure, but Saturn is the one who'll leave the most effect as he recently marched through Leo and will now march through Virgo.
Saturn is 'the ring-pass-not', that edge or boundary where we pass from the personal to the collective. Venus wants what she wants and she wants it now and she wants it personally. Saturn's demands are far less interested in taking care of personal needs and wants; one has to accomplish, put up with, and do things more on a collective, transpersonal level... and, often, Saturn wants his pound of flesh for doing it... there is often a personal cost or sacrifice which certainly doesn't leave us with the warm and fuzzy feelings that Venus often does.

The question now is: what have we learnt about duty, obligation, doing for others versus our own needs, our need to be the center of our own universe, our need to have things around us that satisfy, satiate and quench our desires. Saturn's not interested in our desires, that's the ground of Venus. Saturn will often ask us to wear a 'hair shirt' and not complain, to not demand for ourselves but to knuckle down and get going with doing what's demanded of us.

As I wrote the above, an email came into my inbox from a quotation site I subscribe to. This was the message:
I Resolve: to strive to contribute something to the world, its work and the people in it; to spend and be spent in worthy service; to adhere, the best I can, to the Golden Rule.
B.C. Forbes

Yup, 'the Golden Rule', alright. The Golden Rule basically means to treat others as you'd have them treat you. This brings up the issues of boundaries and what is and what isn't acceptable behaviour.

For many people, Saturn being on Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection will bring up issues of having to do for others, having to work, having to be on guard, on duty, on track when, really, really, they could probably do with others giving them a hand, a gentle soft hand, a helping hand, a guiding hand, a hand up. It seems that Saturn is saying we have to keep the faith that the angels ARE there for us, that it's just going to take a bit of work at the moment to keep that faith.

This is likely to be especially challenging for some people as the Moon's North Node (a karmic, destiny and relationship point) is currently on Pisces 7: Illuminated By a Shaft of Light, A Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea and Mist. The following are my Keywords and Cautions from my book 360 Degrees of Wisdom: Charting Your Destiny With the Sabian Oracle:

Keywords: Renewed dedication after loss. Looking for signs of hope and recovery. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Rocks, mist, howling winds on coasts. Crosses of faith. Important and substantial sacrifices. Being devastated by events. Being in the “spotlight” in difficult times. Finding the way through the dark. The need for sacrifice. Alternative religions. Stepping outside religious boundaries.

The Caution: Lost faith. Hopes dashed. Giving up. Being shattered by the constraints of life. Depression. Feeling like one is being sacrificed, sometimes for nothing. Unable to see through the fog. Scorn, persecution and attack because of religious or social reasons. Hopelessness. Things grim, dark and foreboding.

There's definitely a rather strong 'religious' theme going on at the moment as Uranus is also lighting up a rather religious Sabian Symbol. It's Pisces 17: An Easter Promenade:

It's certainly not all doom and gloom; Venus IS coming up from behind and she'll catch up with Saturn and overtake him in mid-October on Virgo 5: A Man Aware of Nature Spirits and Normally Unseen Spiritual Energies. This is likely to be a very interesting time, with Venus and Saturn conjuncting on this degree. We are going to be pushed to define our limitations, our boundaries and what we will and won't put up with. Here, we'll get a chance to jettison what's not needed, or, at least, we'll get a glimpse of areas that need to be more clearly grounded in reality. People who work with spiritual energies are likely to take a leap forward in their abilities, especially if they're taking notice of the impulses that are coming through to them.

Right now, Venus is on Leo 20: American Indians Perform a Ritual to the Sun opposing Neptune on Aquarius 20: A Large White Dove Bearing a Message. The message from this opposition of Venus and Neptune is one of connecting with ritual, with meaning, with a strong sense of self. Symbolically, the Sun in the image of Leo 20 indicates our center, that part of ourselves that is intrinsically ours, our core, our beliefs, our sense of individuality. Performing rituals and seeing the beauty of life and being very present, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem, can lift one's sense of beauty and improve our relationships. Paying attention to 'messages' in whatever form they appear, listening to the songs of birds, hearing what your inner voice is trying to tell you is the way to integrate these two energies within yourself.

It's rather, no, very, important to ground the vision right now - the vision you want for your future. This is particularly true at the moment as Pluto is on the Galactic Center on Sagittarius 27: A Sculptor's Vision is Taking Form. The old saying of 'what you see is what you get' seems to be truer than ever. We have to cut through the illusions of what society says we should be to a clearer version of who we truly want to be in our own right. Doing this is vital, particularly in the light of the fact that Jupiter is currently on Sagittarius 14: The Pyramids and the Sphinx. This degree can have us feeling like we're just cogs in a wheel - slaves to the system without much of a say in what's happening or how or where the fruits of our labors will be directed. Working for big business, working for government (whether it's working for them or paying taxes or feeling used or abused). Or course, this degree can also have us feeling like we're working for something greater than ourselves; for a cause that's worthy, mighty and something to aspire to. What needs to be tapped into is a feeling of belonging without being lost in the crowd - a feeling of contributing without being taken advantage of. This is compounded by the Moon's South Node being on Virgo 7: A Harem. The Harem holds an interesting challenge: we can enjoy being in groups with people and enjoying each other but giving away our personal power and giving in to the desires of others without having a say is counterproductive to say the least.

In the end, the trick is to remember that the Guardian Angels are with us - we're always protected in some measure, even if sometimes it feels like our hopes, like the Cross of Pisces 7, are dashed on the rocks. Standing strong in our faith is the answer, as it always seems to be.

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Blessings Elven x

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I love how the symbols speak to me..


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Thanks for posting this Elven, very interesting & applicable.