View Full Version : How does Mercury Retrograde affect reading Tarot?

25-09-2007, 10:17

I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought I would start here. I have almost no real knowledge of astrology but the term "mercury retrograde" has been mentioned to me many times. I guess it basically means 'what could go wrong will and don't start anything new during that period or it will blow up in your face' (I know a very crude definition). I will be participating in my first psychic fair as a tarot reader this coming October and I noticed from my calendar that mercury retrograde is happening almost during the entire month (including the entire psychic fair). How will this affect my readings? Someone told me that were taught that you should preface everything by saying it could happen one way or potentially the complete opposite. I feel it's a little unfair for folks to be told that their reading could be complete BS because of mercury retrograde.

How does it affect tarot? Does it affect my intuition in anyway? Does everything have to be given and taken with a grain of salt? Do I have to "walk on glass" with my interpretations of the cards?

Ugh... This is either a very good omen or a very bad one. My first experience reading live and MR is hovering over me...


25-09-2007, 14:49
All I can say is that if you think that Mercury retrograde has an important affect on you and your performance then take into consideration it would in theory affect every human on the planet, so you would not be alone.

In reality its affects will be non existent on you, it would take some very heavy planet and aspect to upset your life. Mercury is like a will o'wisp, it is small and moves quickly.

You will be just fine.