View Full Version : Bee's wax considered a crystal?

27-10-2002, 12:10
I found a neat store today in downtown Hamilton, Ontario called "The Cozy shop Inc."

With everything they had, they stressed the old ways.

I bought a bee's wax candle. With it, they gave a pamplet ...very interesting...stating:

"Warning: Never burn paraffin candles at the same time as beeswax, as the negative ion effect of beeswax will "plaster" the black soot of the paraffin to all of the static surfaces in your room."

"Beeswax, is the only fuel to emit a balanced "Negative Ions" when burning"

I haven't looked yet, but they say the information can be found on their web site - www.thecozyshop.ca

I also bought a Goat milk & Patchouli Soap with Pure essential Oil. (Smells great. I love the smell of Patchouli)

They also have the most beautiful Baltic Amber... a Russian lady carves into the back of it to look like cameo's - magnificent!

Other amber pieces they have range in colour from cream white to dark almost black.

Learn something new every day... even if your as ancient as I feel.