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30-09-2007, 17:05
. . . for letting go of psychic pain.

A friend of mine who works a lot with crystal healing is helping me through this. You take six small carnelians (tumbled is good) and lie on the floor. Place one at your crown chakra, one either side of you at solar plexus level, one at calf-level between your legs, one just below your feet and finally one at your throat chakra.

Enter a meditative state in whatever manner you are accustomed and allow the carnelians to envelop you in a bubble of positivity.

It kind of shakes up anything your mind has repressed and doesn't want to face. My friend is helping me to understand that you don't need to KNOW what comes up, just that it's coming out and to let it go. The first time I tried it, I ended up feeling really REALLY uncomfortable, and stopped, removing the stones. Apparently this is just normal and you just have to relax and go with it.

I've had some real problems with grounding and energy flow lately, accomplishment and goals and merely existing in the real world have been really hard. But this layout seems to be helping me. I've been carrying one of the carnelians around with me to help reinforce it, as well.

If anyone tries it and wants to share, I'd be v. interested in your experiences. Just something to try, anyway.

\m/ Kat

30-09-2007, 17:49
Now I always thought that carnelian was good for energy boost in layouts and I'm just wondering if the reason you felt uncomfortable is the fact that maybe you were having an almost 'overload'.

The layout I have tried is an energy boosting one with carnelian placed on the sacral chakra and 6 quartz points in a grid with the terminations pointing away from the body.

However, it will be interesting to see how you feel once everying has settled down and to see if it has eased you psychic pain.

Good luck

*Starts looking for all her carnelians*

ps I have just found this layout in my book and it says it helps speed up any healing process, so I guess it's not just psychic pain it can ease. So when I get a chance I will definatley have a go. :)

05-10-2007, 14:45
So I thought I'd offer some updates on this work. After the second time I did this layout, I carried a carnelian in my pocket with a small double terminated quartz, the idea being to surround myself with happy carnelian vibes and have them amplified by the cq.

A couple of days of this, and I found myself being jittery. Not just unsettled, but downright loose-cannon stuff! I wasn't unhappy, just really, really, really energised and motivated! In a bad way, that is. There was nowhere for the energy to go, and I ended up barely being able to keep from taking it out on the ppl around me.

So I stopped carrying the carnelian! I've calmed down now, about four or five days later, and I'll probably start working with the carnelians again soon, but not with the quartz crystal! Wow, that really hit me.

I don't know if it was the fact it was double terminated or just naturally qc, but it sure packed a punch! I just thought this would be helpful if anyone decides to experiment with this stone. Let me know how you go!

\m/ Kat

17-10-2007, 10:12
Thorhammer, thanks for sharing this,

Im just wondering if you think carnelian would be a bad stone to work with for people who already have a lot of energy, like say alot of built up nervous energy?

I like what your friend said about not needing to know what is coming up as long as it comes up. I always put off doing this type of work because I find it difficult. I guess not wanting to face issues.

Also, while you are laying there, do you meditate, is there something you should be thinking about? Do you just close your eyes and relax?