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New River
28-10-2002, 13:08
does anyone know anything about tektites?

a friend gave me one a couple of years ago. i think it is some kind of molten substance formed when a meteorite strikes the earth but i might be wrong. anyone know?

it is smooth with little crater-y places in it, and seems solid black. it is very light weight.

does it have some kind of connection with ET's and such?

tell you the truth, it kind of gives me the creeps when i hold it.

thanks in advance for info.

love and blessings,
New River

28-10-2002, 13:15
Yes, a tektite is formed when a meteor strikes the earth, and globs of molten rock fly, and cool in the air. I have never used one before...infact I don't even own one.

I believe that they fit into the metamorphic category.

28-10-2002, 13:30
That's really interesting that you'd bring this up New River. We're having quite a few similar situations recently aren't we? LOL

I got one a year or so ago and it lives in a small bag in my purse. When I change purses in goes in the new one. For some reason that's where it's supposed to stay. I feel like something's missing when it's not there.

And yes, it is supposed to have ET qualities. I know you have Melody's book so I won't repeat any of that. But another book I have says "Assists one in contacting and communicating with sentient races from other planets."

But if it creeps you out I'd say it's not for you. Either you're not ready or it's not useful for you at this time. So I'd suggest not working with it right now. Unless you feel it's something you're supposed to work through. ???? Does that sound wishy washy or what? LOL I guess what I mean is just do what feels right!!! :D

New River
29-10-2002, 13:18
hi faunabay :*

i do have Melody's book but i loaned it out to someone and i haven't gotten it back yet. that's why i came searching for info.

i had forgotten i had this thing and i found it in a little box yesterday. i was sitting looking at it wondering why it had always kind of creeped me out.

i have always been totally fascinated by the ET thing and have tons of books on the subject. so you would think i would be more attracted to it.

what i am thinking is that maybe the heavens are trying to get my attention. wouldn't surprise me with everything else that's going on these days! LOL

i'd still like to know if anyone else has ever done any energy work with tektites, so, ET if you're listening.........you might lead them to this thread! :D

love and blessings,
New River