View Full Version : Jupiter return?

30-10-2002, 04:51
I'm having a Jupiter return (I believe), and I was wondering what it was all about? I've heard all the bubbly stuff about good luck and windfalls and all that, but I'm hoping for a little more realistic assessment or perhaps some personal experiences.

:) Kes

31-10-2002, 01:33
Hi Keslynn,

Yes, the good old Jupiter return gets a LOT of good press in astrology. I'm assuming your Jupiter is in Leo and round about 14-19 degrees, correct? If so, you are experiencing a Jupiter return.

So much in astrology is contingent upon what else is going on in a chart (well, really in the cosmos!), by the outer planets and of course in which house the return is taking place. And let's not forget to mention, how Jupiter is aspected natally (in other words, is Jupiter doing anything else, or just returning to its natal position?)

As a rule, Jupiter returns are usually happy times when you could meet with a fortuitous situation or person(s). I've NEVER seen the "windfall" (as in big money) theory come to fruition for anyone I've ever known.

It could be a time when a personal goal or goals are reached, or you're just beaming because you're feeling great, hence, people like being around you (the expansion theory).

Personally, I've never experienced a "big" happening Jupiter return (and I've been through four of them), but then again, my natal Jupiter is involved in a grand cross, so don't go by me!

I wish you a jubilant and very fulfilling Jupiter return!! Hope it brings whatever your heart desires.