View Full Version : I Know What We Need!!!

31-10-2002, 08:54
We need one of those small counters saying "3 people in the Chatroom"!!! :D

YEAH! Please Solandia!

Together with the "X members, Y guests online", couldn't you add a counter of the people in the Aeclectic Chat Room?
Thus it would be easier to meet and chat and bla bla bla...

And why not show the names on those in the Chat Room as well?

<< In the Chat Room: Pollux, Liliana, Rhiannon... >> Ooops... better keep away then *LOL*

Come on people, let's make some noise, so The Goddess of Tarot will please us! :D

P.S. I know they exist, and I have seen them on sites as well.

31-10-2002, 12:40
Jumping up and down oh yes yes please, is that possible???

I'm often sitting alone for a stretch at a time before I inevitably either give up, or the baby wakes up and my play time is over.

I would LOVE such a thing, though. I heartily second Pollux's idea!!! :D

31-10-2002, 13:23
Great idea! :D

31-10-2002, 13:33
me too..I just left chat after sitting by myself for an hour..I am on everynight eastern time! come visit me!

31-10-2002, 14:24
I think it would be a great idea...if I could get into the chat room.

Still K-Lined.


31-10-2002, 16:40
i wonder if it would work with those of us connecting via IRC though. but for those from the chatpage it could work and it is a good idea anyway.

31-10-2002, 17:18
It's possible, but would take some fancy coding on my end as it's a separate system to the Forum. I'll think about it, though.

~ Solandia