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21-10-2007, 19:00

I'm going through a very scary, panic-y, terrifying time right now (that won't begin to start resolving for at least another 3 weeks, so there's a lot of fear and anxiety right now.)

But something strange has been happening very recently--I'm seeing large, diffuse, semi-transparent, generally oval-shaped orbs of blue color/light? I'm praying *so* hard that these are for protection, something to make all the bad things go away or at least minimize them as much as possible. I see these orbs out of my peripherial vision & when I turn to look at them, they remain there for a second or two. They seem to range anywhere from about 12" long and wide up to 2' by 3' in size.

At first I thought they might relate to the situation I'm in that I'm afraid of, but the feeling they come with is either a non-feeling, or a moment of calm.

What do blue orbs signify?

Thank you,

21-10-2007, 20:07
healing and comfort.

Instead of wishing the issues to disappear or become smaller, minimized - ask for strenght and healing to get through them :)

21-10-2007, 20:48
Blue orbs are an indication of angels being around you. especially Archangel Michael as he resonates with the color blue. Whenever I pray to Archangel Michael for protection. I see white and blue orbs fluttering around me at night. This is a positive sign that you are being guarded and protected by your angels. Enjoy this beautiful experience and don't be afraid. :)

22-10-2007, 15:23
I'm so glad to hear that there might be a supernatural strength to lean on and learn to be strong from right now. If there was ever a time I needed angels, it's now.

Thank you, bec and a_shikhs : )

Pagan X
29-10-2007, 10:58
If you're on medication, contact your doctor.

Just to be safe. Some meds can give a bluish tinge to vision.

29-10-2007, 12:06
Marigold, Pagan X's advice is a good start--just to be sure! However, if it does make you feel any better, I also see blue orbs all the time, and most especially in my bedroom.

I never felt anything but love & support with them, and have heard that it meant the angels were around, or deceased spirits whom I loved are around, and even Archangel Michael, much like was already mentioned. Interestingly enough though, the blue orbs have occurred much more frequently when I began to pray nightly for protection from Archangel Michael, and I swear at times, I can even 'see' him/his form standing in the corner of our bedroom, near the door. I always feel safe when I see 'him' and also the blue orbs, so don't fret about it. However, just to be sure.................follow Pagan X's advice. If your eyes are fine, then you know they are angels, and/or Archangel Michael there to protect you!