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Guiding Cauldron
22-10-2007, 22:27
can anyone help here, i have a load of fresh rose hips that were colected and despretly want to preserve them for use trhoughout winter months- theyre great for cold season pre-emptives. ANy ideas out there? thanks xx

22-10-2007, 23:52
Would you be able to freeze them?

Found this website:

23-10-2007, 01:10
Hi Guiding Cauldron..try stringing them with fishing line with a short needle and letting them dry up high. Good and dry because then you want to crush them and put them into probably a #5 capsule. that equals about a .05 of vitamin C. otherwise it's too hard to digest. There's prickly little hairs on them. Ask at the health food store where you buy your capsules what size are the doses. I do this with manzanita berries for headaches. I've also done this with fresh elderberries.
Good Health :) Hh

Guiding Cauldron
23-10-2007, 02:41
oh wicked thanks guys! i was thinking of teh drying thing too :) i do prefer natural health stuff anyday as well. ok cheers and ty xx