View Full Version : Orange calcite

02-11-2002, 05:44
This stone looks like petrified Tang -- bright orange, translucent and rough.

I find it's really great for cheering yourself up -- better even than citrine or amber when you need a bit of bright sunshine. It just sits there and GLOWS.

None of the books I have says anything specifically about the properties of this color of calcite. It's in the rock shop and in one of the metaphysical stores here in great quantity.

Anyone else own a bit of this? What do you think?

-- Kyrielle

27-11-2002, 00:03
a few months ago i bought one and i love it!!!
and you're right: it's such a positive, warm glowing stone, when you don't feel very positive it brightens up your day!
in the books i have they don't mention calcite so i first didn't knew about the qualities but when i weared it i felt it quickly...it feels like a warm loving heart :)