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30-10-2007, 17:49
Just noticed a conversation on another thread..

How do YOU work with Jade

What references do you rely on geologically or metaphysically and or in an antique type way

How do these lovely green stones work with you ?

Any tips on how to keep 'jade' rings from breaking? :bugeyed:



Jadeite (pyroxene) jade is most treasured for its vivid greens, but it also comes in lavender, pink, yellow, and white.

Nephrite (Amphibole) is found in intense dark spinach greens, white, browns, and black. http://www.3dchem.com/molecules.asp?ID=76

Serpentine is also often called China Jade - but is not jade but is a 'rock' - a member of common rock-forming hydrous magnesium iron phyllosilicate

From Crystal Astrology
Crystal Element: Green Jade Jadeite
Many cultures utilise the power in Jade to promote abundance, good health and prosperity.
Gemini 18
Sabian Symbol: Two Chinese men talking Chinese in a western crowd
Key Word: Difference

Crystal Element: Nephrite Jade (Actinolite)
Nephrite brings luck in negotiations and transactions, love, and a long and prosperous life.
Scorpio 29
Sabian Symbol: An Indian pleading to the chief for the lives of her children

this WAS a quote from dr maarc edmund jones and is in no way meant to be offensive I am grateful to the one person who pointed this outto me . I am a gypsy an completely understand the problem. and apologise for posting it here.

Key Word: Effectiveness

Crystal Element: Lavender Jade (NATURAL)
Expression: Lavender Jade is a natural jadeitite mineral. Lavender Jade stimulates intuition, patience and wisdom, and invites Master Teachers into your life.
Sagittarius 9
Sabian Symbol: A mother with her children walking up stairs
Key Word: Education

I love Lavender Jade best, but after visiting New Zeland Nephrite holds a HEALING strong natural power over me :)



24-11-2007, 21:51
I love jade (jadeite) and I like serpentine. Not so keen on nephrite, which seems heavy to me, but I don't know it so well.

My favourite is the milk-green jadeite. It also appears in one of my favourite I-Ching hexagrams: 50-The Cauldron, which is all about transformative processes. The last changing line shows a quantum leap in quality that transforms everything after a slow "cooking" in the cauldron (ting, a kind of sacrificial cauldron used in ancient China) throughout the other changing lines (with some blips along the way, like in line 4). In China, jade represents everything that is good, wise, lucky and virtuous. Here we see the cauldron in which our transformation has operated with rings of jade (on the side, to lift up the cauldron off the fire).

Sacrificial vessel, jade rings.
Great good fortune.
Nothing is unfavourable.

I was first introduced to Chinese jade pieces - including bowls, etc. - in this museum, in my birth town of Geneva: http://collections-baur.ch/en/china - it's a most beautiful, restful museum.

25-11-2007, 03:10
I love the feel of Jadite. It gets almost addictive to sit and rub it. It gives such a feeling of calm and acceptance. and I use it as the blessing energy for magick. My scribbles say use it around the office for common goals. utilize the unifying energy to improve relationships. as good as rose quartz' energy. The dark green aids in making the right choices. (I think this is because it taps your ancestors for guidance in day to day help.)IMO It aids with muscle cramps...stabilizes muscle tissue. men should carry one for help with reproductive disorders. helps broken bones and stitches mend faster. relieves pain in legs and hips. recreates bonds, both physical and mental.

Nephrite, unlike Jadite, never crystalizes.(I don't know what that meant) This is the original Jade so revered by the Chinese. Found world wide used as tools..hence the name axe-stone. ? believed to prolong life. Helps maintain alertness to avoid accidents caused by inattention. I was always knocking my forearm on doorknobs as I 'rush' through them. but I can't remember when I did last...:) helps accomplish compromise. If your life is a series of one disaster after another, carrying Jade can assist in removing harmful energies and increasing beneficial ones. (I believe this is because you are opening up to your ancestors' help.)
If you do healing work having a quick meditation with Jade afterwards provides a wonderful energy boost that will revive you. (I personally haven't tried that yet.) Best aid for kidneys. It gives relief from PMS and the stress caused by domestic violence. prevents the onslaught of stress related illness from emotional trauma. increase the white blood cell count.
I can absolutely vouch for the help with 'clumsiness'. It was easy to track that.:)
I don't know which sources to give credit for my notes. I have both kinds of jade and have scribbles everywhere. (ie; both were called jade until 1863 when a mineralogist found distinct chemical differences.) I just like to touch it. It makes me feel..'hugged'. Hh

25-11-2007, 03:57
That one fact alone - help against clumsiness - is enough to convert me to nephrite jade, Horace (rubbing the bruises on my legs - if there's a table corner in a room, I get it).