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Water Lady
03-11-2007, 21:03
I am very interested in crystals and stones but finding it hard to learn fast.
I have had 2 surgeries in june and july and am healing but still tired and know I have a ways to go.
I am wondering if there are crystals or stones that I should have around me, carry with me? that would help speed things along?

My knee muscle has almost been lost and I am trying to get it back, so using lots of energy for exercise twice a day and I still have a bit of pain.
Any advice welcome.

Briar Rose
04-11-2007, 00:47
Hi Nan, Sorry to hear about your knee surgery. I am sorry about went through that. Bless you on your healing and I hope it is speedy!!!! :heart:

I am trying Singing bowls under my knee to align the energy better.

I am very interested to know about which Crystal(s) and how to use them, too!!!

I am using Arnicare cream (although I heard the gel is better), by Boiron and I am taking those little round white pills in the little blue vile by Boiron (homeopathic; Arnica Montana

I had surgery in 2000 and was unable to walk for the rest of the year. And now I am having trouble with meniscus again ( no injury ever!!!) and I just had an MRI on Thursday. I don't know the results but I am going to try self healing route this time, and non traditional phyical theraphy instead of surgery (I thik, so far , no results of MRI yet...on Monday).

I mean non tradition theraphy because what exercise you have to do they give you is for at home, and when you are there they work hands on with lymphatic drainage, and energy centers. Insurance takes care of this and I am sooooooooooo happy about that.


Anyway.... one of the printouts for at home was this: (note, you are not rubbing or pressing at all, so this cannot hurt anyone to try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What is Neurofascial Process:

NFP is a tchnigue that seeks to attain an improved balnce of the internal body, addressing all the body systems. It is based on the conceept that each aera of the body has a speciafic influence on other areas of the perosn's body. When we are healthy, each system of the body works in harmony with other systems, The stress from being ill, or in chronic pain affects the functining of all the body's systems, as well as their communication between each other.

NFP is a hands on therapy. One hand is placed over the area with symptoms and the other is placed on one of the many process centers. This contact needs to be continuous for 15 minutes or longer to work properly. There are 15 process centers in the body. We use the Ureters, which are located in the lower back. The Ureters are the first process center to use for insect bites, burns, food poisioning, swelling pain, and traumatic injury of any kind.

To perform NFP, place one hand over the problem area and the other hand across the lower back at waist level. It can be used whenever you choose. It can help to reduce or elmiinate pain and inflammation, increase relaxation, and restore inner peace.

Briar Rose
12-11-2007, 01:34
looks like we got skipped over

12-11-2007, 06:16
My knee muscle has almost been lost and I am trying to get it back, so using lots of energy for exercise twice a day and I still have a bit of pain.
Any advice welcome.Sorry, can you be a bit more precise in which muscle you mean? And what happened to it?

According to the Crystal Bible, general healing stones for the muscular system are: Aventurine, danburite, emerald (you can find non-gem quality for cheap - emerald is a fabulous growth stone), smoky quartz - which doubles up as a good stone for legs generally; rhyolite if you make an elixir. Cerussite strengthens muscles after an illness and tiger iron has the same effect. The Crystal Bible also mention azurite and jadeite as being crystals that heal knees, and cuprite and magnetite to strengthen muscle tissue. Celestite is good for muscle pain and tension, as does magnetite.

You place a stone on the area to be treated for a minimum of 30 minutes a session, and at least one session a day. This enhances, rather than replaces, any exercises you are doing.

Marina might be able to give you more indication for stones for the knee, depending on what the problem is - there are several stones associated with that part of the body, which she mentions in her book Crystal Astrology.

In addition, you might choose to work holistically on the emotional and mental causes of your pain and knee trouble. Typically, knee problems are linked with trouble being flexible, moving forward, or changing. Muscles problems are linked to resistance to new experiences and our ability to move. Together, perhaps you need to work on your ability and willingness to change and move forward? You can work at a psychological level with affirmations, and at the subtle level with crystals and flower essences. There are several stones that assist in adapting to change and the ability to move forward, for instance cerussite, which we already encountered for strengthening muscles (so this one seems like a good bet all round) and malachite - a fantastic stone that I recommend for all work on change, movement, strengthening and drawing out negativity (on all level - physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual) and it's a good aid for concentration (it needs frequent cleansing, and do avoid its raw form).

All Is One
12-11-2007, 06:58
I don't know if this is one of the best sites around, but I thought I'd share it. I just found the link in Lunalefae's thread under the Crystals & Herbs category on AT forum. I also liked their collection of simple tumbled stones, which is pretty well-stocked, and $1 to $3 apiece, while their crystals and spheres are exhorbitantly expensive...really inflated prices.

Each listing for a stone or crystal tells you the properties associated with it, and some listings, like Amethyst, give you short mythology references to ancient legends about the stone and, for amethyst, for example, how it came to be purple because Bacchus poured wine over it.

I don't know how accurate their info is, but I took it on faith. None of my crystal books are to hand right now and I have to trust the net.

I bought $50.00 of the tumbled stones just now, and I had sworn to stop spending...

Oh well~ here's the link to the crystals and stones website:


blessings and light for your knee pain,


12-11-2007, 07:15
i see your in the uk.. hogglewick is a great website.

For your heart Rose Quartz is a good one :)