View Full Version : Help with domain name and uploading help please

05-11-2007, 00:04
I've come into difficulty with the company i purchased from I bought 2 domains for 2 years and it stated free uploading with us. in excess of 40.00

whne it came down to it it isn't true. they have told me i can swap to another company but I can't find one that provide 2 domain names for 2 years and free uploading. they have since said i must have their internet now in order to upload or use the site. (it never said in the small print hmmph odd)

can anyone help as Im a novice to this and have no idea who to switch to. I can risk losing the domains and cash which might be something that does happen. but I thought it was worth asking thos eof you in th know.

Aunia Kahn
05-11-2007, 12:15
I am a web & graphic designer and every client that I purchase domains, and such for I go through www.godaddy.com - they are pretty cheep, their customer service is excellent.

I have no complaints.