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10-11-2007, 01:34
I don't ever seem to end up here on the crystal and herb section, but I have and use many, many different crystals when needed. Now though I have a question....obviously on pink chalcedony. :)

Starting about 3 or so years ago I've felt the need to have pink chalcedony around me. While in this time a great unrest in the world it helps to keep that love and caring feeling around myself and allows me to spread it around more.

What I'm running into is about once a year I have to get a new one. And I don't use them everyday either. I pick them up and carry them with me just when I feel the need. I can go months without wanting to have them with me. But the one I've been using gets dull and looses it's umpph after about a year or so. I've tried cleansing them, recharging in the sun/moon/etc. in between uses but no go. I truely think I just wear them out.

I've had other crystals that loose some of their strength but never one that actually gets dull to look at. Have any of you run into this before.

And what should I do with the "worn out" ones? Should I bury them? Just setting them aside and not using them doesn't work. I still have the first one I bought over 3 years ago and it's as dull and lifeless as before - even more so.

10-11-2007, 02:24
I seem to be the opposite. I get a stone or crystal and after a while I feel it is time to change, because not so much that the stone isn't doing anything for me, but rather it is time to change what stones I am working with. So, back into a bowl of all sorts of stones it goes, and then I pick out others that appeal to me, either for their particular usage or colour, or just the feel of them. Something strikes out at me to pick a certain group up, either from my own collection or new ones. Maybe you need to swich around more often and keep it fresh, or possibly working for stones just isn't for you, right now, and you would be better off finding another source to work with. Maybe that is where the stale feeling is coming from. It sounds like you need a different medium. Maybe someday those stones will speak for you, again...years from now. I would keep them..store them somewhere nicely, or tuck them in gifts to other people.

10-11-2007, 03:17
I looked up Pink Chalcedony for you and the proper method for cleansing is under running water....
Maybe give that a try and see how they feel.

I have a little table top fountain I bought and I often put stones that are cleansed by running water in the base of the fountain and let the fountain run for the day...seems to work for me.

10-11-2007, 13:42
Hearthcricket - I do have a huge bowl with different tumbled stones and choose which ever feels right to me at that time. I do this pretty much every day. But it seems as if the pink chaldoncey alot of times needs to come along too - with whichever other stones are calling to me. But like I said before, I will go months without picking the pink chaldoceny Then once I do it seems like it stays for quite awhile.
I don't think I could live very easily without my stones!!!! :) Stones are definitely one of my things!! :*

lark - I've tried all ways of cleansing before. I have tried the running water, smudging in different kinds of incense, sun, moon, etc.

I've also had a kind of "not quite asleep" journey that included pink chaldoceny. I was in this chamber in which the floor was pink chaldoceny and the walls were lined with clear crystal points. Light was directed through specific crystals and beamed to the person standing in the middle of the room (which in my journey was of course me). I think it was a true healing, because I felt immensely better after "waking up". That was the first time I went searching for pink chaldoceny. I really wasn't sure what exactly the floor was made of until I went to a crystal shop and saw it. That was it. Pink Chaldoceny. And I've felt drawn to have one ever since.

But like I said before, I've never had a stone that actually got physically dull after a time of using it. (shrug) There must have been more information passed on in the journey I took because while it confuses me some to find the stone "used up" after a while, some part of me accepts that too! I was just curious to see if anyone else had this happen.

11-11-2007, 00:52
I realized something while laying in bed this morning. One thing I haven't tried is - I have a little small creek at the back of my house. Maybe I'll find a small mesh bag and put them in the creek for a couple of days. I have tried running water and that didn't work. But I haven't tried a creek! :D I'm going to see if that will work to cleanse the stones.